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New Cobra Windshield Bracket With THREE (3) Suction Cups Windshield Mount Bracket specially designed for following models ONLY: COBRA XRS-9300, XRS-9330, XRS-9400, XRS-9430, XRS-9500, XRS-9530, XRS-9600, XRS-9630, XRS-9700 PROTECT YOUR COBRA RADAR DETECTOR FROM FALLING AND BREAKING Protect your radar from the summer heat!or the cold weather!. An old suction cup might not adhesive properly in the heat or cold and windy days. Is about time to get a new set of brackets! The old mount for your COBRA Radar Detector might be falling off the windshield causing your radar to fall and break! and having to one buy a new one. Protect your Cobra radar ! A new Bracket with now three (3), not only 2 suction cups will either completely resolve this issue. Many customers also get one for their other car. You can simply pop the radar into the other mount, and its all set to go already, no lining up, just pop in and go. Overall Features: Brand New Cobra Windshield Mount for Cobra Radar Detectors for XRS 9300, XRS9330, XRS 9400, XRS9430, XRS9500, XRS9530, XRS9600, XRS9630, XRS-9700

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