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Are you in search of an effective way to constantly monitor your car in the event of a collision? Want to make sure that you’re following all driving rules?

Then look no further than the Ausdom Car DVR Dash Cams.

We’ve got a DVR cam for each of your car video recording needs. With sizes ranging from 80 x 68 x 25mm to 48 x 104 x 23mm, you can find the perfect camera for your particular vehicle and get all precaution measures you need for your own safety.

Providing an outstanding wide dynamic range, these cams can prevent overload exposure and under exposure to deliver clear imagery and also identify complex scenes. The wide viewing angle ensures that you’ll capture as much of the scene as possible, whilst the convenient f/2.4 offers 2.4 frames per second for undiluted video recording.

Thanks to the motion detector, the Ausdom Car DVR Dash Cam will start recording automatically when any kind of motion is sensed, capturing the critical moments before a potential or actual collision. Loop-cycle recording provides a convenient solution to manually deleting old recordings to free up space for new ones – the cam overrides old recordings when the SD card is full, so it can run continuously.

That’s not all! Other features you can get when choosing Ausdom are:

Full HD resolution: 1920X1080px.

Small, thin and lightweight cams.

Clearly identify any complex scenes.

Auto power off when there’s no motion.

Multilingual interface.

Stay at peace and safe in the knowledge with Ausdom! Click the “Add to Cart” button to order one of our Car DVR Dash Cams!

Product Features

  • CAR DASHBOARD RECORDER WITH WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE; thus preventing overload exposure and under exposure to deliver clear imagery and also identify complex scenes.
  • WIDE VIEWING ANGLE; to ensure that everything will be accurately recorded in the event of a collision or any dispute with a passenger.
  • 1080FHD RESOLUTION; as such, all your recordings will have crystal-clear details, providing the best performance known to the industry.
  • MOTION DETECTION; the camera will start recording automatically when motion is detected, hence capturing the critical moments before a potential or actual collision.
  • LOOP-CYCLE RECORDING; when the SD card gets full, the camera will override old recordings, replacing them with new ones. You’ll never risk not to having the DVR record key moments due to full memory!CLICK the Orange button to Order Now!

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  1. Juniorverse1 says:

    A very good, easy to operate dashcam This dashcam is very easy to use. The menus are intuitive and I barely had to look at the manual to operate it.The video quality is very good in Full HD mode. I attached a few screenshots from a video I took. You can set the device to record for 5 minutes or 10 minutes before it is overwritten in a loop. I would like to see the ability to loop until full if possible in a future firmware update. If someone has the space available on their micro-SD card, the option to use it in a…

  2. D.L.H. says:

    Some quirks, but I like it. The AUSDOM Car DVR Dash Cam AD118 is a low cost dash cam that has some nice features, but also some weird quirks. In the box is everything you need to get started, except an SD card. This is where I had my first issue. The AD118 can support cards up to 32GB that are at least Class 6 speed. All 3 of my 32GB Class 10 cards from different manufacturers would not work. I installed an older Sandisk 16GB Class 6 card and it worked fine. The cam is capable of taking 1080p full HD video, but I find the…

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