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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good addition for vehicles w/o backup cameras This is an awesome backup camera that you can either add to or replace one that you might wish to upgrade on your existing vehicle that already has an in-dash radio with a backup cam option. I have an older vehicle that did not have the option of a backup cam. So I installed one of those new double din radio/dvd players and wired up this backup cam to it and now it works great. It added a level of safety when I am backing out of parking spaces in the supermarket and other parking lot places…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was installing a wired rear-view camera system on my Class A RV and I was not able to find a suitable mounting position for the camera that came with the kit. Although the ideal camera position would be up high on the back of the RV, that would require drilling holes through the body (for mounting and wiring), which I was trying to avoid. So I thought about attaching a camera to the rear license plate. Although it’s a little lower than I wanted, it’s still acceptable. And mounting at this…

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