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Depstech 1200P Semi-Rigid Wireless Endoscope, 2.0 MP HD WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera,16 inch Focal Distance & 2200mAh Battery Snake Camera for Android & iOS Smartphone Tablet – Black (16.4FT)

Product Features

  • WiFi Connection, High Compatibility: Via WiFi from endoscope WiFi box, this unit can work with Android 2.3+devices excluding Google Pixel 2 temporarily & iOS 6.0+, breaking through different plugs limits.
  • CamTele & Premium Camera Chip: Depstech’s newest Camtele technology, enhanced camera lens, focal distance enlarges to 16′ in from 1′ in, with smoother 30 fps refresh rate.
  • 1600x1200P Resolution, HD Image & Live Feed Video Display: This snake inspection camera shoots further & clearer pics and videos in hard-to-reach places. Saved to your phone after connecting the Depstech app to your phone gallery.
  • 2200 mAh Batteries, Longer Working Time: lager than 1800 mAh capacity, Depstech endoscope can work up to 5H after fully charged, unlike those camera only working a few minutes.
  • Semi-ridged Cable, IP67 Waterproof & 6 Adjustable LED Lights: Flexible cable bends and holds its shape to access confined place, such as curved holes. Dark & wet areas will be easy to observe due to waterproof and blue LED tech. Pls note that our products are certified and pls place an order on DEPSTECH endoscope.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mea Cupla. My earlier negative critique regarding the IOS interface was WRONG. THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT AND A GREAT COMPANY. Hardware looks great. I like the long semi-rigid cable. Apple IOS App SUCKS. Does not recognize WiFi network the device is logged into. App does not recognize all symbols that are used in WiFi network passwords.After writing this review and returning the product, the Manufacturer respectfully contacted me to ascertain the exact nature of my problem. I misread and misunderstood the fine print on the directions and thought the product operated on my home WiFi network…

  2. Anonymous says:

    … this wifi one which I felt would be a better solution since I can set the phone somewhere and … I needed to replace a micro-usb scope I broke and found this wifi one which I felt would be a better solution since I can set the phone somewhere and not disturb it with moving the camera around. All I can say is wow! Wish I had gotten one of these a long time ago. Very nice not having the camera attached to the phone. When I need to spend more than a couple minutes with the scope, I put my phone in a cheap VR headset which makes it easy to see and…

  3. Anonymous says:

    WF010/020) today and I’m very happy with it I just got my Depstech 1200P borescope (model#:WF010/020) today and I’m very happy with it. This is my 3rd borescope/endoscope I’ve owned and its by far the best one so far. It’s the updated model with the optics that allows the picture to be in focus at longer distances. I’m adding pictures so you can see for yourself. The picture is in perfect focus from 2″ to 14″. Even at 1″ it’s still in focus enough to use it and at long distances it doesn’t go out of focus too much…

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