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The diamond V-Stream HDMI wireless AV video Sender/ receiver is compatible with almost any HDMI enabled cable/satellite set-top box, Roku and Fire TV stick, Blu-ray/ DVD player and gaming consoles. With the diamond V-Stream, you can wirelessly stream video and turn any location in the home to an entertainment spot such as your outdoor patio, garage, bedroom, home office or kitchen without having to move or purchase additional set-top boxes, media players or gaming consoles. With built-in IR, you have full control over your HDMI devices wirelessly. In addition, the diamond V-Stream also allows users to plug in USB game pads, mice and keyboards for full control over a PC/media server. The diamond VS200VR also has a unique features you won’t find on other wireless HDMI send/receivers – VR support. Download he free TX app for iOS and Android and with a smartphone VR headset you can view or play VR content wirelessly to your smartphone device.

Product Features

  • Wirelessly stream HD 1080p video & audio up to 500ft Line of sight from TV cable box, Blu-ray/DVD player, gaming console, satellite, PC, Mac, laptop, and other devices
  • No lag powerful wireless HDMI system, (16ms latency) up to 500 feet (clear line of site) transmits uncompressed HD video & audio through walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Built in IR for full control of your device from remote location (control your set top box, DVD/blue-ray player, Fire, Roku and many more devices from another room)
  • Wirelessly stream video & audio (YouTube TV, Netflix, Hulu TV, Prime and other media streaming device and services) and turn your outdoor patio, garage, bedroom, home office, kitchen or ball rooms without having to move existing or purchasing additional equipment. Save money! No need to rent additional set top boxes, No need to purchase additional DVD players, Roku sticks, Fire sticks and gaming consoles
  • Just “plug ‘n play” no extensive set up, no computer needed, No software installation. No Wi-Fi, no messy cables
  • Usb source control support allows you to plug in wireless keyboards/mouse for full PC-based media servers control
  • Amazing free VR app allows you to stream content in 3D Split screen to your mobile devices using your VR headsets
  • *Tips: for maximum performance and distance transmissions keep obstacles such as walls and windows to a minimum. It transmitter on the source should have a clear line of site to the set top box or any other source you are transmitting from, Make sure all the wireless Antennas are fastened all the way in and tightened. It on the receiver side must have a clear line of site to the remote control for your source. Note: older microwave ovens with poor shielding may affect video signal quality
  • Usa technical support- customer support is available from our home office in Los Angeles, Ca. We offer a one year, for all our products
  • Diamond Multimedia – based in Los Angeles, California USA, leading manufacture of high quality computer products in over 20 years

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great Picture, Incredibly Easy Setup, NOT FOR GAMING I have been a fan of wireless hdmi for a few years now. Originally, I bought a kit from Nyrius. While it worked at close distances to stream content from my PC to my projector, it was not robust enough to stream content more than about 15 feet. Granted this was quite a few years ago and the technology was fairly new. My next step was buying a kit by Peerless called the HD Flow. Though this kit was several hundred dollars more than the lower end kits like the nyrius, it allowed for streaming at…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The easiest to use and fastest to date. The video latency is actually a lot more like 32ms than 16ms. The seller is exaggerating by about half and my units are right next to each other. BUT… it’s the fastest unit out there… (including the J-Techs and Nyrius models, I have both models from both brands… and I’m saying that these units are the fastest in mid 2018… the competition may come out with faster units later but right now J-Tech is a 1/2 second delay and the Nyrius isn’t much better, and more importantly, the Nyrius are…

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