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CleanDr is the #1 laser lens cleaner in the US. It lets you safely clean your car, truck, SUV or van’s CD or DVD player. CleanDr for Car Audio & Video Laser Lens Cleaner is designed to clean automotive CD and DVD players. The 10-Brush Cyclone Clean process removes dirt and dust build-up that causes audio and video dropout and distortion. Includes voice instructions available in English, Spanish, and French.

Product Features

  • Laser lens cleaner for automotive CD and DVD players having issues with discs that load slowly, skip, or freeze during playback
  • Cleaning the laser lens can extend the life of the CD or DVD player, while improving sound and image quality
  • Exclusive 10-brush Cyclone Clean Process removes dust, dirt, and debris from the laser lens
  • Safe for CD and DVD players, Computers (CD/DVD), XBOX/XBOX360 and PS1/2 game systems.
  • Not recommend for multi-disc CD players. Not intended for use with Blu-Ray players, WiiU, XBOX ONE or PS3/PS4.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fixed an auto cd player that hadn’t worked for years The CD player in my Toyota Corolla was non-working (disks would not load, “ERROR” would show on the display). I believed this was due to some film or buildup from high humidity inside the car, and had used a cd lens cleaner disk I had on hand. It did nothing, would run a few revolutions but not load properly. So I bought this Digital Innovations CleanDr as a last ditch effort, not figuring that it would work, one lens cleaner having failed.When I put the CleanDr disk in, it…

  2. Anonymous says:

    It worked for me! All of a sudden, CDs stopped playing in our 2011 Hyundai Elantra. We have never cleaned the laser lens or done ANY service. I put the CleanDr CD in the player and it IMMEDIATELY played an audio track with instructions. I had been skeptical as to whether it would even play, but no problem.It finished very quickly and I put in a self-recorded CD-R (which had failed to play previously) and it failed again. Uh-oh! But then I put a commercially recorded CD in and it worked fine. I did…

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