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Our dinner plate cradle takes plate storage to the max. Organizers stand plates upright to make most out of every crevice of cabinet space. Securely stores up to 6 dinner plates. Perfect for sink side drying and buffet self service too! Dishwasher Safe. Salad/Dessert cradle also sold on Amazon.

Product Features

  • Conveniently store plates upright
  • Takes plate storage to the max
  • Securely stores up to 6 dinner plates
  • Perfect for sink side drying
  • Dishwasher Safe – Made of polypropylene

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  1. glassyide says:

    Great for RV kitchens, holds plenty of Corelle I was looking for something to store plates vertically to save room in our RV’s kitchen cabinet.This fits the bill perfectly. I have a photo that I’m going to try and figure out how to upload, but I bought the dinner plate size and have been able to put 6 standard Corelle dinner plates, 6 salad plates, and 4 of the coupe-style salad/pasta bowls in it with room to spare. I think I could probably fit 8 each of the plates easily. The holder is deep enough that I’m not worried about…

  2. DeDe says:

    Love it !

  3. Darla Nannie says:

    Awesome !! This Dinner Plate Cradle is awesome, you have to keep in mind that your cabinets have to be adjustable or have a lot of space vertically, because the dishes set in and have to be lifted a little in order to come out of the rack. I am a short person and stacking dishes in my cabinet is a pain, if I need to get one out I would have to pick up all of the dishes that were on top and move them, with this cradle I can put all my plates in and just reach up and grab the one I need. I have put all my…

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