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Securely mount your device in your vehicle with this universal car mount holder. Padded side grips / wings help protect you cell phone, PDA, iPod / MP3 player and GPS devices from scratch. 360 degrees rotatable design lets you position your unit where you need it. Can be mounted onto the windshield with the suction cup, or hook onto the AC vent with the clip hook.

Product Features

  • Flexible width side grips / wings can be adjusted to hold any size of cell phone, PDA, iPod / MP3 player, and GPS devices (width adjustable from 1.75″ up to 4.75″)
  • 360 degrees rotatable mount with large suction cup
  • Lock knob and fast release button makes repositioning a breeze

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  1. Aaron Paulley says:

    Something called “Heavy-Duty” should feel “Heavy-Duty” I’ve had this installed for couple of days now, and overall, I am disappointed. All of the adjustable joints have way, way too much leeway in them. When they “lock” in place, the joints are still able to move a good 1/4″ up and down or side to side. As a result, my iPhone is bouncing all over the place on bumpy roads and wobbling constantly on smooth roads. Very annoying. The suction works fine, but the included dash mount was worthless, as the suction cup wouldn’t stick to it for longer than…

  2. 1crazydude says:

    You get what you pay for… I needed a car mount for my HTC EVO 3D but didn’t feel like shelling out $30+ for a decent mount. I bought this as a gamble and decided to see how it would work out. I was amazed when I got it. It’s feel is too plasticky but for ~$6 you get what you pay for. It worked really well and is sturdy enough that it would keep your phone safe. I tested the windshield mount and the dashboard mount and they are both pretty strong. The one I mainly use is the air vent mount which worked really well but…

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