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Dual-lens Camera Design
The front camera has a whopping 140 degree viewing angle to ensure you have all angles covered to record. When connected to the backup lights, automatic backup monitoring will be triggered to show on the display screen at the same time of backing up the vehicle.

Front view and rear view videos are displayed on the screen in a picture-in-picture appearance. One-button switch can toggle the display of the two views in either the full screen or the inset window respectively, or turn off the picture-in-picture display.

Motion Detection Function
In standby status, you can switch the camera to motion detection mode. The device will enter into recording once camera observes the moved objection. It stops recording if no objection moved for 5s.

Accident Warning System
In the full function mode, if the vehicle departs from the lane, the lane departure warning function will be activated with sound warning. If the vehicle gets too close to the front car, the front car collision warning function will be activated with sound warning

– Front view video resolutions: FHD 1920*1080 (1080P 30f/s)
– Rear view video resolutions: 1280×720
– Video format/Video encoding/Image format: mp4/H.264/JPEG
– Display: 5″ IPS Screen
– Front view lens view angle: 140°
– External Storage support: Up to 64GB TF card
– Microphone for audio recording: Supported
– Battery: 1200mAH internal Li-ion battery
– G-Sensor: Supported

1 * Evoplus Car DVR E3 (Rear View Mirror)
1 * Rear View Backup Camera
1 * 16GB TF Card
1 * 18ft Connecting Cables of Backup Camera
1 * TF Card Reader
1 * USB Car Charger (Right Angle Adapter)
1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • REARVIEW MIRROR DESIGN: Upgrade your existing mirror to a dual lens car camera, equipped with 5 inch LCD screen, providing Full HD 1080p front view video recording and 720p rear view video recording, 140 degree wide angle lens. With one button, quick switch between front view, rear view and picture-in-picture display
  • 3 in 1 CAMERA: Rearview mirror, front view camera and rear view camera. Easy to install, non-distracting operation, easy-access buttons, anti-dazzling and built-in G-sensor allow instant video/picture recording, emergency video lock. Lane departure warning and front car collision warning system reduce the accident rate.
  • MOTION DETECTION MODE: After switch to this mode, the device will enter into recording once the camera observes the moving object and it will stop recording when no moving object is detected for 5s. At this time, the video recorded is the locked video and will not be overwritten in loop.
  • SMART VIDEO RECORDING: Turn on Parking Monitoring Function and park the vehicle, the device will automatically turned on and start recording when a vibration is detected; Turn on Collision Locking Video Function, the recorder will automatically lock the video 5s before detecting the vibration and 10s after detecting no vibration.Automatic seamless video recording in loop, overwrite previous unlocked video.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: Our products have 30 Days Money Back and 18 months warranty. 24 hours email response time and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Package includes: 1* Rearview Mirror Camera, 1*Rear Camera, 1*Car Charger, 1*FREE 16G TF Card, 1*FREE TF Card Reader, 1*Instruction

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  1. MW says:

    Watch video to see explanation of install and use. Complicated but feature laden. My husband was excited to get a mirror that includes a car camera, both rear and front. This rear view mirror is full of features. It gets a bit complicated but for a gadget junky like me, the features are nice.The mirror and cameras took my husband about 1 1/2 hours to install it in his convertible. He ran the wires through the side trim and around the door and into the trunk, back out through a license plate light and finally to the…

  2. Just My Opinion says:

    A very good unit! Easy to set up. Came with a micro SD card and plenty of cable to make the connections in the car. We have not used the rear camera as our car already has one in it. The controls on the bottom are easy to use. The entire unit is best set up in the house before you put it in your car as the menu is long and there are many options to choose from. I’ve never seen a more thorough manual before. Most come with a small sheet of directions and make you…

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