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Perfect for tailgating at the big game, camping in the wild, & providing power after an outage. The XP2000EH is a dual fuel digital inverter that is easy to start & maintain. Both EPA & CARB approved, this portable generator is perfect for any occasion that requires off-grid power. Whether tailgating at the game or taking a weekend getaway to your favorite campsite, let the DuroMax sidekick power you through.

Product Features

  • 2000 peak watts/ 1600 running watts
  • Produces stable, clean power suitable for sensitive electronics like cell phones or laptops
  • Parallel feature lets you bridge two XP2000EH units together for double the wattage (parallel kit required, Sold Separately)
  • Eco mode feature lowers the idle speed of the generator to minimize fuel consumption and reduce noise
  • Up to 6.5 hours of run time at 50% load

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Better than the honda in certain respects, not perfect but darn near close to it. I purchased this to replace a similar Honda 2000 watt generator. The main reason was the dual fuel. I didn’t want to do a conversion on the Honda. I powered both of them up side by side. They’re almost the same size, the duromax is minimally larger, but keep in mind it’s dual fuel. The DuroMax is marginally louder, but not by much. The duromax can be paired with another one without having to buy a more expensive unit, unlike the honda. My honda did start up easier, but the honda has been…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I cannot recommend this product What can I say:: The unit looks good and appears to be well designed. I could not get the thing started with propane right out of the box. So after an exhausting effort with propane I had to get gasoline and fill it with gas. It was very hard to start on gas, and once started would not run smoothly, but kept on surging with RPM’s going up and down, and it emits a high frequency noise. Would not power my microwave. Very very loud probably due to the problem it had. Much louder than my…

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