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EezTire Real Time/24×7 Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System (TPMS) by EEZ RV Products gives you PEACE of MIND On/Off the Road. We have designed and developed top of the line, new age wireless tire pressure monitoring systems specifically for the RV and Transportation Industry. Our system is designed as a safety feature to allow drivers to monitor both the tire pressure and temperature of the tires on their RV, Trailers or Tow Vehicle. There are several benefits to using EEZ RV PRODUCTS TPMS systems; when a tire failure occurs on a trailer, significant damage can occur to the trailer before the driver has any knowledge of the blowout. In addition, tires running at optimal tire pressure and temperature (the two main causes of tire failure in the trailer application) will improve fuel economy and extend the life of your tires. EEZ RV PRODUCTS TPMS is the most economical, environmentally friendly solution to your RV, Trailers and Tow Vehicle needs. EEZ RV PRODUCTS TPMS SYSTEM is one of the easiest systems on the market for installation and operation. The system comes with a monitor that can handle up to 26 wheels up to 210 psi if needed and the sensors have replaceable batteries. Monitor Features Reliable and easy to install Large LCD screen. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery Automatic backlight. Configurable high/low pressure warnings. Configurable high temperature warnings. Visible and audible alerts. Selectable pressure units. Monitors up to 26 tires maximum. Long range between sensors and monitor (Optional Booster/Repeater available). Per axle measurements can be configured on the tractor Sensor Features Additional Sensors Are Sold Separately As Needed 1-2 Year Battery Life, Replaceable Batteries Light Weight. PLEASE NOTE FLOW-THROUGH SENSORS ARE 2 1/2 INCHES IN LENGTH AND 1 INCH IN DIAMETER. PLEASE ENSURE THEY WILL FIT IN YOUR RIM SLOTS. DO NOT USE ON RUBBER VALVE STEMS OR TOWED VEHICLES OR TRAILERS

Product Features

  • ■ REAL TIME/24×7 SAFETY & HIGH FUEL ECONOMY – EezTire TPMS system by EEZ RV Products is the industry leader in the RV TPMS market since 2005. It accurately monitors tire pressure and temperature for up to 26 tires and handle tire pressure up to 210 psi. EezTire TPMS system gives you PEACE OF MIND 24 x 7 when you are on the road or off the road. Maintaining proper tire pressure at all times ensures vehicle safety and helps achieve desired fuel economy
  • ■ EASY OPERATION & MAINTENANCE – EezTire TPMS monitor has one of the largest display screen on the market 4 ½” x 3″. It takes minutes to setup and program. Pre-programming available by seller (please contact us for details). The monitor has a built-in rechargeable internal lithium battery that lasts up to 60 hours on a charge. Sensors have replaceable batteries. It comes with a common USB charging cord that can be connected to vehicle’s cigarette lighter or USB port.
  • ■ 3-YEAR LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY – EEZ RV Products offers a 3-year limited product warranty for all of our TPMS systems. We also provide technical and customer support when you have any questions or need help.
  • ■ ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ALERT SYSTEM – the monitor is motion sensitive and monitors tire pressure and temperature on 6-second intervals continuously. It sends visual and audio warning alarms immediately when tire pressure or temperature falls outside the preset safety parameters. The monitor goes into power saving mode if no motion is detected in 15 minutes to save battery. The sensors send status signals to the monitor on 6-second intervals continuously as long as the sensors are under pressure.
  • ■ MULTIPURPOSE – TPMS monitor has separate controls for RV and trailer sensors which allows owner to turn off trailer control when driving RV only. The monitor can be programmed with anti-theft sensors or flow-through sensors or different combinations of both sensors to meet the needs of different tires. A booster can be added to boost signal and overcome distance and electromagnetic interference challenges. A basic TPMS system starts with 4 sensors (TPMS4) and could go up to 26 sensors (TPMS26)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A very good working system that is easy to install and doest the job very well. (Also some tips in this review) As new RV owners we were very concerned about tire pressure and failure on tires. After some research we found this to be the best deal and proven in the RV world to do what is says, reporting your tire pressure and temperature.The whole set came in a attractive box with the right amount of sensors including a mounting bracket and power cables.Setup was easy but you have to read the manual! (I know a daunting task) I did set it up at my desk after numbering the sensors. 6 of…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Weak transmitter, no customer service when I called. I had high hopes for this monitor based on some of the other reviews. I can only say that the unit I received has not been reliable in terms of the communication between the transmitters and the base unit. I have a 40 foot fifth wheel and a long bed truck so I would probably needed to purchase a booster (another 50 bucks). But even with that consideration- the unit often fails to work even when I put the unit close to the pressure sensors. One other major issue is that the mount for the display…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well designed and functional system! I bought this TPMS a month or so ago and finally got around to installing it on my DP motorhome. Although it was easy to install and everything worked as intended, even following the manual it was not all that intuitive for me. (Although the documentation for the unit is above average — a rarity these days.) I did not need any assistance in the installation, but before I bought the system I had exchanged several emails with the company and always received a quick response. A business card was…

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