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7″ LCD Monitor Specifications:
480 x 234 pixels
Screen Ration 16:9
Aerospacetype AV inputs
Power voltage range at DC12V ~ 24V(If you use it in your car, we will send 12V to you, and if you use it in your truck, we can send it to you with 24V camera)

Power Consumption : Max 6W
Allinone power cable
Display reverse function
Operating Temp :14° F ~ 158° F

Camera Specifications:
Style:4 PIN
Sensor:1/3 ” Color COMS
Horizontal Resolution:420TV Lines
Effective pixel:NTSC:510(H)X492(V); PAL:500(H)X582(V)
Mimimum Illumination: 0LUX(18 IR LEDs for night vision)
Video Output:1.0Vp-p75Ω
Shockproof : 10G
A simple solution for car reverse system.
It acts as a normal rear view mirror, and reflector will automatically appears when the monitor is turned off. So you can clip it over your original mirror, and it will show rearview image; while it is connected with rear view camera (including in this package), the rear view image will appear on the screen automatically when reversing the car

Technical Details:
-The TFT SCREEN has the switches to change between normal to mirrored image of the 2 cameras.

-Camera selection is done via remote controller or by pressing button on the monitor.

-Rear view camera is turned on automatically when vehicle is put on reverse gear.

-Aerospace-type cinch connectors are used for all connections.

-Lightweight, 16:9 wide-angle view 7″ TFT LCD color monitor with remote controller.

COMS camera provides clearer image, wider view angle, it can help you see what’s hidden behind your car when parking or reversing
Builtin 18 IR LEDs for over 20ft nightvision view.
Heavyduty 10M (33ft) video + power cable with a waterproof aerospacetype connector
Rubber seat for video cable to go through inside the cabinet without scratching the surface

Product Features

  • 7″ High quality ultra-thin monitor, 2 channel video inputs. Easy installation. 170 degree horizontal wide view angle, 120 degree vertical view angle. This monitor is equiped with LED backlight to make image more vivid and to reach larger view angle
  • CCD camera with 2.1mm wideangle lens. This offers a super wide field of view angle at 120°. Most other manufacturers use 3.6mm or 2.8mm lens, the view angle is much narrower. You can see more areas by using 2.1mm lens. Lightweight 16:9 wide angle view 7″ TFT LCD color monitor with remote controller. Special heatventilation design for longer life of use
  • Auto switching when reversing Under power-on condition. When reverse gear is on, the system automatically switches from DVD/VCD video to backup camera video. And when parking is finished, it will switch back automatically, which can ensure parking safty. AV signal auto detecting power on/off Under power-off condition. When reverse gear is on, the system automatically starts to search for the camera signal and display backup video. When parking is finished, it will switch off automatically
  • Note: this monitor is not bright like normal mirror due to it was added anti-glare technology on the screen
  • Pakcage include: 2 X Water-proof COMS cameras with IR LEDs Night Vision, 1 X digital 7″ TFT LCD color monitor, 1 X Mount/stand, 2 X 33ft/10M extension video cable for cameras, 1 X Remote control (Without Battery), 1 X Power connection wire(video connectors are built-in this wire), 1 X Screw kit for installation, 1 X User manual

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