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LB108 is A bluetooth charge design for car adapter,Bluetooth information Can be transferred to the FM/AUX equipment,Charger with fuction of 5V2A USB Vehicle charger.

If there is no AUX interface, it Can also emission Bluetooth music , Bluetooth phone through 3 FM public broadcast frequency of 88.1 96.7 107.9 .


product name: Bluetooth HK108/FM/ AUX Charge of Car Adapter

blue model:3.0

support:support AUX output


frequency range:2.4GHz-2.48GJz

working conditions:-10 TO 50

USE Manual:


1.Please control the Bluetooth Car Charger and mobile phone (or The other equipment used as link) at the range of 1 meters , the closer the better

2.press the middle button for Long term so as to the blue light flashing, HK108 will automatically reconnected with the mobile phone.

The hands-free function

Answer the call

When call coming, answer call by clicking the middle button ,or using phone

Hang up the phone

When you are calling, you can hang up call through clicking the middle button or the hang up button of phone

Last redial:

Double click the middle button and dial out the last time calling

Play, pause, choice of music

when the HK108 is playing the music, click the play button to pause/play the music.

“prevous”/”next” to select the music what you want.

Volume adjustment

“volume +/ “the volume- to adjust the volume

Package Included:

1 x Bluetooth Charger

1 x Aux Cable

1 x Manual

Product Features

  • 5V 2A charger output: provide power to phone, pad, laptop and so on;3500hAm battery can be fully charged in 3 hours(without music and phone calling)
  • Automatically connection: connect to the last connected phone and begin to work in sync when starting the car. And also supports memory function
  • If your car has aux input, you can plug audio cable into 3.5mm jack, then you can answer phone call and play your phone music through car audio system
  • FM model: LB108 has three different optional appointed frequencies 88.1M,96.7 M, 107.9M, When tuning to the FM appointed frequency in your car same with LB108 FM appointed frequency ,you can enjoy the music or answer the phone calls through your car audio system WIRELESSLY
  • Music or call switching, free and relaxed;”prevous”/”next” on LB108 to select the music what you want;”volume +/ “the volume- to adjust the volume

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  1. scott strachan says:

    Perfect for an older car with no bluetooth I have had a few car bluetooth transmitters. The concept is simple it transmits a bluetooth connected device to an FM station. I like this one because it is all self contained. It really is plug and play. Once paired (which is easy) your device (I used an I phone 5) is recognized automatically. As long as you are on your preset station you can just press play and you don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket. You can play/pause,…

  2. JsReviews says:

    Great car accessory 0

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