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Emmako Backup Camera and 7 Display Monitor System Features:
1. Helpful video on YouTube,video id is Hw5EFfheObY , search this id on YouTube found it. Any one can install it by know how to wire to reverse lights or running lights.
2.Upgraded camera without color difference, viewing the trees/grass is exactly green.
3.It can on/off guide lines, switched from mirrored pictures(rear view) to normal (front) via monitor button.
4. 66ft 4-Pin cable with extremely durable and waterproof Dealing with extreme weather.
5.Can add a additional front/side/rear view camera to current system.(Monitor with two way video inputs).
6,The monitor screen was set default start up/off auto when power come on/off,So We provided a lighter adapter with on/off switch to control the monitor.
7, The system can be set up to work in any time in driving/reversing/parking by your control.
8,The camera angle of view can be adjusted up and down.
9, Monitor has removable bracket with foam adhesive for convenient mounting on flat surface. Bracket can be removed for custom installation.if you want a suction cup mount for fix on windshield,Just contact us get it.

The monitor Specification:
-Meets FCC/CE/RoHS/UL/IP6X standards
-Resolution: : 960 (H) * 576 (V) Pixels
-Signal format: PAL / NTSC. Compatible with all signal formats
-Rated Voltage: 9V – 35V,500mA-20A

The Rear View Camera Specification:
-Meets FCC/CE/RoHS/UL/IP6X standards
-Waterproof grade: IP68
-Image sensor: HD 8080
-S/N Radio: better than 48db
Resolution: 800TV lines
Power supply: 12V-24V DC ,500mA-20A

Package Content
1x 7 Inch Monitor
1x Backup Camera
1*holder base for monitor
1x monitor extension cable
1*66ft 4-pin video cable
1*Double-sided adhesive stickers
1*Charger Adapter with Turn on/off
1x User Manual

Product Features

  • View installation video: https://youtu.be/Hw5EFfheObY, The reverse camera system be powered by directly connecting to a 12V-24V source cigarette lighter/fuse box/power point/ignition switch for continuous use or reversing rear view use.There is a ON/OFF switch easily be control by you.
  • IP68 waterproof camera with 150 degree viewing angle and 18 LED lights. Camera is connected to monitor via direct 66ft 4-Pin cable (provided). IR Night Vision view clearly at night .And what is more attractive is No color difference. Other ordinary cameras always view trees/grasses are red or purple. The upgraded rear view camera views exactly green.
  • Via the monitor button switched from mirrored pictures(rear view) to normal (front). And guide lines on/off via menu button. Monitor has capability to monitor two video inputs V1/V2. V2 video input will have priority (reverse camera) for safety by connecting blue wire to power positive or you need switch between V1 and V2 by manual.
  • 7 inch LCD display monitor is directly attached to flat surface dashboard with provided adhesive foam and bracket. Also, the bracket can be removed for alternative mounting options,if you want a suction cup mount for fix on windshield,contact us get a free one.
  • The system compatible for Cars/Pickup/Truck/BUS/Camper/Bus/RV/Trailer/SUV under 66ft. Installation instructions are included. Product has a 2 year warranty and tech support is available via elinawei0621@outlook.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s an awesome camera for the price.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great for the price Hooked this camera system to my 28ft travel trailer to use as a rear view camera. It helps eliminate blind spots and also aids when passing slower traffic allowing you to see when you have passed the vehicle next to you. I have it powered up using a 12v cigarette lighter adapter that has an on/off button. I also bought an extra 33ft 4 pin cable so I could run one cable from the monitor in my truck to the trailer hook up, and then another cable to the rear of my trailer allowing me to disconnect…

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