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Descriptions Of Screen .
* Wireless Reversing Camera & Screen Sets For Bus Truck Caravan Cars .
* 7″ LCD Monitor Screen 12-24V .
* 2.4G Wireless Camera And 7″ LCD Color Monitor .
* FAST FREE Shipping To All Of States
* 12 Monthes Warranty
* Description Of Camera
1. The Color Camera Has a Viewing Angle Of 120-170 Degree.
2. Camera is water proof.
3.The camera has Inbuilt LED’s For Enhanced Viewing During Times When There Is Limited Light.
4. 100M(335 feet )Open Air For Wireless Signal Receiving
5. Extra RCA Port For Wired Using
Instruction For Installation
1. Mount The Camera At The Rear Of Your Vehicle And Attach The Power Cable To The Reversing Light
2. Connect Camera To 12 Or 24V Power Supplies
3. The Camera Has The Wireless Sender Inbuilt So You Just Need To Connect The Camera To The Reversing Lamp Power.
4. The Screen Has The Wireless Receiver Built So You Can Receive Picture Directly On The Screen.

Product Features

  • High Image Quality: 7 inch TFT LCD Widescreen With High Resolution, Full Color, PAL/NTSC Auto, All Functions Can Be Operated By Remote Control, Or By Buttons On The Device.
  • Wireless Cameras Built In 2.4GHz VIDEO Transmitter With 18 Individual Infrared (IR) light Camera Waterproof Camera With 18 Infrared (IR) Lights and CMOS Sensor . Transmission: 100M Open Air
  • Flexible Vehicle Comatability:Voltage Range From 12V-24V DC Power to Accomodate A Wide Variety Of Large Vehicle Such As Semi-Trailer/Box Truck/RV/Motorcoach/5th Wheel/Trailer/Bus
  • Customer Service: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee; 12 Month Replacement Warranty And Lifetime Support .Customer Service Email: Toerapta@hotmail.com

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  1. DDD says:

    eRapta Backup Camera and LCD Monitor The wireless backup camera by eRapta is a decent budget camera if you are in the market for one. It includes a generous 7 inch TFT LCD display attached to a mountable bracket. It is wireless in the sense that the camera and monitor do not need to be connected to each other via a cable (but you will still need to connect each one to DC power). It also comes with a waterproof camera with night vision infrared LED’s. I installed this temporarily by just mounting it inside the vehicle, aimed up…

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