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The is an original Escort/Beltronics 12ft Straight Power Cord.

Product Features

  • For Beltronics GX65, Sti Magnum, STi Driver, PRO 500, PRO 300, PRO 200, PRO 100, RX65, RX55, 995, 965, 955, 940, V8, V6
  • For Escort iQ, 9500ix, 9500i, 8500 X50, 8500, 7500S, 7500, 6800, C65, RedLine, Solo S2, Solo S3, SC55

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  1. UK Wildcats Guy says:

    Great cord, was the solution to problems We bought a new car with a totally different set up as to where to plug in our Beltronics radar detector. Our old coiled cord just wasn’t going to work in order to reach the plug in area and to not interfere with our pop up navigation system. We saw this cord on Amazon and thought we’d give it a try as it looked just like something that could work. We have been very happy with the results as we have been able to reach our plug in with no problem and have the ability to have the cord go under…

  2. S. L. Thomas says:

    What more can you say-it’s a power cord I replaced my Beltronics Radar Detector Coiled Power Cord with this straight power cord after using the coiled power cord for about 4 years. Because of the position of the radar detector on my windshield & the distance the power receptacle was from the detector, I didn’t realize the slight bit of tension that was created on the coiled power cord. Over time this caused stress & a constant pull on the connection between the power cord to the RJ45 connector piece. Soon enough, the stress was…

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