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Complete Coverage. The new PASSPORT is the best value in long-range warning against all radar guns, including SuperWide Ka-band and “instant-on” encounters. Now with built in Bluetooth technology the PASSPORT gives you access to ESCORT’s award-winning app, ESCORT Live. Our exclusive real-time ticket-protection network, which warns you of upcoming alerts received and reported by other users in the area, and gives you access to local speed limit data for over-speed alerts.

Product Features

  • Built in Bluetooth technology
  • Exclusive real-time ticket protection network, which warns you of upcoming alerts received by other users in the area
  • The most popular GPS-powered features, including speed-limit data for over-speed alerts
  • DEFENDER Database
  • New Multi-Color OLED Display

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  1. Dashcam347 says:

    Best bang for the buck Coming from a Redline user, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with the Unit. I love the max-like display which gives you more information and the ability to customize the color of the display, pretty big upgrade compared to the Redline’s display and it also seems like a feather compared to the Redline, very light unit indeed.Detection is more than sufficient in most situation and the option to toggle RDR off makes it a very quick detector that will detect just about any very…

  2. Cold War Veteran MP says:

    Great detector…! Well..where do I start..? I’ve been trying Radar Detectors here the past few weeks it seems. To make a long story short, I initially purchased 2 Bel STI Magnums here on Amazon. And I’m sorry to say..as rare as it is, I ended sending both back..for the same issue. The first detector worked great, which reflects my first review of the STI under my name. Well, after 1week, the “Service Required” prompt flashed. Hmm..?OK..I send it back and purchase another one. I was about to take a…

  3. Joe Brozak says:

    Gotta Try this ONE, FOR THE MONEY, Great Unit!! I’ve been running a Passport for 6 weeks now!!! .Here’s the Pluses:-Excellent packaging of the unit, both in shipping and the included case which is an improvement over the Max1 and Max2.-Haptic controls with the OFF/ON buton in the “right place” to the left and easy to get to as well as the “release” just perfect for quick and easy removal from the WS mount.- Mount is compatible with all prior Escort units except for the Max-Volume control…

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