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An Amazing Whole-House HDTV Antenna Solution with NO monthly fees

Get rid of multiple antennas and connect up to 4 TVs to the one amplified HDTV antenna. The Marathon makes things simpler and saves you the high costs of cable and satellite subscription fees.

Super Long-range Reception power like no other Antenna

This 100 mile indoor and outdoor TV antenna offers high-power amplification to deliver the best network and independent channels into any room in your house. To view stations available in your area, visit the FCC Reception Map located here: https://www.fcc.gov/media/engineering/dtvmaps.

Cutting edge design and technology

Years of research have gone into producing the Marathon High-Definition TV Antenna. Engineering and circuitry design allow this Whole-House antenna to capture signals up to 100 miles away, especially in the tough VHF bandwidth range. It includes built-in instant signal amplification that’s 4K ready, indoor/outdoor durability in a compact sealed unit design that also receives AM/FM signals, and the latest 4G/LTE filter circuitry for noise free reception.

Easy 3-step installation

The setup is super easy, using standard cable and 110V outlet.

  • Consult with Free Signal TV Customer Care for expert advice on installation and aiming guidance. PH: 859-250-9538

    Product Features

    • The #1 Whole-House Digital HDTV Antenna – The Free Signal TV Marathon Antenna is a household name that guarantees quality.
    • The Marathon Antenna Saves You Money – Eliminate expensive cable and satellite services for local and regional TV channels.
    • Highest-rated Long Range HDTV Antenna on the Market – No other 100 mile amplified HDTV antenna delivers better results to its customers.
    • Minimal Noise, Maximum Power – The advanced circuitry of this top rated amplified HDTV antenna results in low < 3.5 dB noise and powerful 40 dBi gain.
    • One TV Antenna for Whole House Digital TV – Ditch multiple antennas, use the Marathon HDTV antenna to connect all the TVs in your house with one easy one hook-up to existing cable wiring.

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