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Eliminate your blind spots! Our vehicle observation system gives you total peace of mind. See 360° as you travel, with high-resolution live-streaming cameras for each side of your vehicle and a backup camera to help you reverse safely. The 5″ Vision S Vehicle Observation System includes a rear clearance light camera that is IP65 Waterproof, with a CMOS 120 degree view angle, infrared night vision, crystal clear 720 x 480 camera resolution, intelligent IR Cut filter, and motion detection. The 5 inch monitor can display up to four different camera views, with audio, on the anti-glare touch screen. The monitor is 2.4 GHz digital wireless, comes with rear assist marker lines to aid you while you reverse, and includes a security camera auto-wake function. A windshield mount and interior table stand are also included for your monitor. This state of the art observation system is also incredibly versatile, as it can be used with your RV, semi-trailer, box truck, shuttle bus, commuter bus, or tractor.

Product Features

  • 7″ touch screen anti-glare monitor with rear assist marker lines. Displays up to 4 cameras with audio.
  • 2.4 GHz wireless camera range is 42 feet when inside an RV and up to 492 feet in open space.
  • Mount your monitor on your windshield or inside on a table with the mounts included. Auto awake monitor can turn observation cameras into motion detecting security cameras.
  • 720×480 camera resolution with infared night vision. View angle of side cameras is 65° and rear cameras is 120°.
  • Furrion’s vehicle observation systems give you total peace of mind. See around your vehicle as you travel with high resolution live streaming cameras.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Worth the cost The older I get, the more I appreciate stuff that simply works, without hassle, without pain, without modifications. This is, so far, such a device.Installation of the camera into the factory-installed sharkfin bracket was easy and simple. The instructions were clear and complete.Upon getting into the truck with the monitor, things were just as simple. Hook up the power, turn the unit on, hit the lights to power up the camera, done. Monitor picked right up on the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great system, if you don’t mind holding it in your lap. First the good. I am using this as a rear view camera while driving. The camera is mounted about 26 feet from the display, and I have no issues with picture quality or cutting out while driving. I did have a factory installed mount and wiring, so installation was a breeze. It makes it easy to see traffic behind me while driving. That part, I loveNow the bad. The mounting bracket is crap. Pure, unadulterated, crap. To start with, it is too short for the display to tilt up…

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