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12 Volt Vehicle Power Cable for Garmin Nuvi GPS

Product Features

  • 10-24V – 2amp Power Cable
  • Mini USB connection
  • .24 lbs

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  1. Mark D. says:

    WILL provide traffic info for certain GPS models I bought this power cable so I could wire another car to use my Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT. This power cable is identical to the one which came with the GPS and is even labeled TA20 like the original even tough is has a different model number. Others have stated that this cable will not give you traffic updates, but that depends on your GPS model. If your model has the FM traffic receiver built into the GPS itself (like the Nuvi 2597LMT) then this cable WILL provide you with traffic updates as the…

  2. Just Me says:

    Traffic cable FAQ Many have submitted reviews stating they get no traffic.You were all confusing even to me, so I did my research.Here’s the proper information on this cable:This is Garmin Part # 010-11838-00 its their generic website order number for GPS WITH OR WITHOUT TRAFFIC.The part number on the cable is actually TA20 320-00239-70, meaning its a TRAFFIC ANTENNA/CHARGING CABLE.Its cheaper for them to make ALL cables with an antenna, than to stock 2 numbers…

  3. RSL1 says:

    Garmin 12 Volt Cable Well my Nuvi 265w started indicating it was running on battery power, then running down, even though the original charging cable was connected. The problem was the heavy cable’s weight pulling on the mini ISB connector. The connector was no longer any good. I bought this cable and it works perfectly. This new cable is much thinner and lighter. It looks better in the car and the lighter weight will help the plug last. I also replaced the battery in the 265w with a new one from (Power 99)$22.00…

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