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Function keys:
♦Select button up
♦Menu button
♦down the Select button
♦USB Data Interface
♦bracket mounting holes
♦HDMI output interface
♦The power switch
♦TF card slot
♦the HOLD button
♦the mode select button
♦OK to confirm button.

Product specification:
♦Product Name: Car Recorder
♦Features: High-definition camera, high-definition video.
♦Program: Joint Wing
♦G-sensor G-sensor: Built-in(car accident case of emergency save, will not be deleted)
♦LCD screen size: 2.7LTPS
♦Camera: 140 A + grade high-resolution ultra-wide-angle lens
♦Language: Russia, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, English, Chinese, Korean, etc.
♦File Format: AVI
♦Video resolution: Maximum HD 1080P
♦Video formats: M-JPEG, Audio:AAC
♦Color effects: Standard
♦Infrared night vision: Support
♦Continuous loop video: Seamless looping video, do not drain seconds
♦Truck switch machine: Support auto ignition boot, turn off shutdown
♦Motion Detection Function: Support
♦Date of hours: Support
♦Carrier media: Built-in Memory(total: 64MB)
♦The camera mode: 5 million
♦Photo format: JPEG
♦Memory card: TF(up to 32GB)(the card is not included)
♦Microphone: Support
♦Built-in stereo: Support
♦Infrared night vision: Support
♦Video output: HDMI
♦Video Format: PAL/NTSC
♦Current frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
♦USB function: 1: USB-Disk 2: the PC-Camera
♦Power Interface: 5V 800ma
♦Battery: Built-in 600mAh

Package Contents:
♦1x K6000 HD Car DVR
♦1x Car Charger
♦1x Holder
♦1x USB Cable
♦1x User Manual

Product Features

  • High-definition camera, high-definition video.
  • LCD screen size: 2.7LTPS
  • Camera: 140 A + grade high-resolution ultra-wide-angle lens
  • Memory card: TF(up to 32GB)(the card is not included)
  • Language: Russia, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, English, Chinese, Korean, etc.

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  1. Thomas M. Adamski says:

    Great camera for the price 0

  2. Chris Cap says:

    Not bad at all. Bought one last year. Its not bad at all.Pros: Good quality for the price tag. Its not great but this is super cheap. Great suction mount (for me at least). Long cable. Easy upload to computer. Small. Sound quality is OK.Cons: Terrible battery life… it HAS to be plugged in or it will die. Sometimes now even when its being used the screen will flicker as if the battery was dying… WHILE being charged. But its been a year so, that’s not too terrible…

  3. anonymously154 says:

    night vision isn’t great either. But the camera will do its job … I am using this cam for over a year now and see a lot of negative reviews here. I don’t share that opinion at all.First of all: you are probably looking at this items because you want something cheap and affordable? So it is not fair to compare this unit with a device that will cost over $100. For $30, you get a camera that records a very decent picture during daytime.Cons: You cannot always read the license plate of the car in front of you, night vision isn’t great either…

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