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  1. Daeanaira says:

    Device is good, Customer Service and Tech Support is the Best! The device itself is well built and highly functional. It did not work for me because it cannot track a vehicles route (multi-point path) and save that data to the SD card. That’s what I needed it for.BUT the customer support is so ridiculously on top of things it still gets a 5 star. They answer back immediately (when their office in China is open), their english is very acceptable and they have a lot of knowledge on the technical issues issues of the device. Wish every company had…

  2. Juan Carlos says:

    At least what i know is this is a excellent device for its price At least what i know is this is a excellent device for its price, you get decent service and functionality for the lowest price. I use this device with this website https://teknos.desk.com/, there you can find a ridiculous cheap web platform service with a lot of functionalities, and you can use google maps and open street maps as well, i found it a lot better than the original tracking software. PD: I have 14 devices on vehicles installed.http://teknosgps.com/ (im not the owner of the…

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