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“Parking mode delay” function will only work when “Parking mode” is switch on. Under parking mode, when the car power is off, the device is under standby mode, the device would be able to start to record automatically itself upon any vibration or impact occurs. Once there’s vibration detected by the sensor, it would then trigger the recording function immediately. The sensitivity of parking mode you can set: off/high/medium/low, if you set a high level, a slight bump will let the device turn on and start recording automatically when engine off. “Parking mode delay” is a function that allows you to set up a duration to decide for long the device actually enters parking mode after car power is switched off.

Product Features

  • Any third party selling ABEO product other than KiWAV is subject to copyright law violation legislation, and purchases from these sellers will not be warranted by ABEO . ABEO HDVR-150, Only KiWAV sold is genuine with warranty coverage. Other seller such as OVITM, BestSellerNY, EasternDigital, geekdeals and many others are selling NONE ABEO products, please be careful. Contact us or contact ABEO to find out more if necessary.
  • High resolution: up to 1280*720 ( HD 720P ) / Built-in hidden screen to the mirror : 2.4″TFT LCD monitor on or off ( Instant playback , instant real time viewing ) / Built-in wide angle lens: Diagonal view angle is 120 degrees.
  • Automatic on / off : when engine starts / off (depends on power of cigarette plug ) / Loop recording: worry free for storage space, auto replace the oldest file.
  • Audio: Synchronized video/audio recording / Low illumination image sensor / Lens adjustable 360 degree, fits left or right hand drive / Support digital camera function / No recording gap between file clips / Keep recording for 10 more seconds after power stops / Anti-Glare tinted glass / Blend in car interior design. No windshield view blocking.
  • G Sensor: block important files from being loop recorded / Storage: Support SD/SDHC up to 32GB.

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  1. Seta Sōjirō says:

    Nice video The videos have no stutter at the 720p resolution and license plates are clearly visible even at night!The only downside I can see with this unit is that when the unit is first turned on (e.g. when car ignition started) the LCD on the mirror turns on for a moment before turning back off; I would prefer if there was an option for the LCD to not turn on when the unit is first powered on (that way guests in my car wont know that driving is recorded).Some…

  2. SP says:

    2 Weeks and loving it First, I ordered the item on Nov 8 and Nov 12 it was in my hands. Mind you, the product comes from Taiwan. As other have said, personal note was icying on the cake. It’s been 2 weeks now and the product works superbly. It does come with 32GB card and all the internal settings(Include date and time) had been pre-set correctly for me at the company. All I did was snap it on my Camry ’12 rear-view mirror, hide the wires and done. Fitting for me was tight and sturdy. Cable was more then long…

  3. Steve says:

    Very good road cam! I ordered this item on 17/Jan/2013, arrived today. Considering there were weekends and a public holiday in between, it was pretty good shipping time.Packaging: Excellent. The outer box was a little beaten up, but I have seen/received worse. Inside, the main packaging was bubble wrapped safely, and was completely intact. It was tied up with a nice ribbon, and had a very nice thank you note.Un-boxing: Internally, everything was well protected. The mirror itself was covered…

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