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CONNECT YOUR CALLS ON THE 1ST TRY & INCREASE YOUR STREAMING SPEEDS, FOR ALL U.S. & CANADIAN CARRIERS: How many times have you had to stand outside just to get reception? With your Smart Link Booster, you will connect calls faster & increase your data speeds, which allows you to enjoy your favorite shows & movies! No matter which carrier network that you have, HiBoost will improve cell signals in your home or office, or your money back!

A POWERFUL SIGNAL BOOSTER WITH PROVEN CRAFTMANSHIP & A 30-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: When you invest in a product, you want reliability & durability. As a global telecom company, we only create professional grade products! We empower you by giving you the MOST Gain possible… 70+ decibel… meaning you get the BEST coverage! Our craftsmanship is backed by a 30-day moneyback guarantee, 3-year warranty & lifetime technical support!

AN EASY-TO-USE, COMPATIBLE APP THAT MAKES INSTALLATION CONVENIENT & ALLOWS YOU TO MONITOR YOUR DEVICE: Signal Boosters normally need more than one-person to install & require you to drag your connected booster onto the roof. With your Smart Link Booster & Signal Supervisor app, you can install your booster by yourself… with NO EXTRA equipment! And with cloud-based technology, Signal Supervisor allows you to monitor & troubleshoot your booster anywhere you go!

MAKE YOUR HOME SAFER & STAY BETTER CONNECTED: Cell Signal is essential when calling emergency services on mobile devices & if you lack coverage, it could prevent you from connecting your most important calls. Have peace of mind knowing you can reliably connect calls & texts… in ANY situation… with your Cell Signal Amplifier!

If you want to experience Powerful Cell Signals, Clearer Calls & Faster Streaming & Downloading, Click Add to Cart Now & Get Connected Again!

Product Features

  • 【WORKS WITH ALL US AND CANADIAN CARRIERS】HiBoost Smart Link series cell phone signal booster amplifies 4G LTE, 3G and 2G cell phone signal for your home and office. compatible with all US and Canadian carriers.
  • 【HIBOOST APP HELPS FINE TUNE MAX POWER】Most cell phone signal booster has you pretty much working in the blind, no figures you can see but guess. HiBoost App & LCD helps fine tune max power and see real-time data of what the booster is doing, and let you squeeze every last power from the booster.
  • 【IMPROVING CALL QUALITY & BOOSTING DATA SPEED】Hiboost cell phone signal booster strengthens signal to any cellular device, improves your data speeds and stop dropped calls. Stronger cellular signal connections improve your productivity, You could get in touch with your family at any time.
  • 【7,000 – 15,000 SQ FT COVERAGE】The coverage may vary between 7,000~15,000 sq ft due to outdoor signal conditions. So it is crucially important to find out the best outdoor signal by HiBoost app.
  • 【VARIOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE CHOICES CARRIER GRADE QUALITY】FCC & IC Certified, 3 years warranty. HiBoost provides US-based tech-support – online app chat, phone and email, so you can contact us anytime anywhere you need service.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Ultimate Cellular Signal Extender Our farm is far from any main roads and our closest tower is miles away. We had no bars or one bar in our home. To continue a call or to make a call you have to go to the second-floor guest room, it’s supper annoying and after years of doing this I took the plunge and purchased this HiBoost Unit. This is their most expensive consumer booster and was recommended by Chris in HiBoost’s support department. He recommended that we find a professional installer and we were glad we did. We hired a…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Big improvement in cell service. I have used several of HiBoost’s products in the past, but this item is the best of the best when it comes to boosting the quality of cellular coverage in your home or office. It features the company’s best quality low-noise amplifier and antenna kit, providing a whopping 15,000 feet of coverage. Although I can not verify this figure exactly, it has definitely proven to be an improvement over their less expensive kit that covers 10,000 square feet.The build quality of both the…

  3. Anonymous says:

    This thing really does what it says. Always a little warry of new technology these days. Just after having a new roof installed, we were unable to get a cell phone signal in our offices. We had a great signal outside in the parking lot, but as soon as we entered the building almost no signal at all. One bar or less. Apparently, our offices had turned into a black hole for cell signals. Our office manger purchased this product and our handyman installed it in a few hours. Our staff use their…

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