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The 7-inch HD touchscreen GPS gives you the ultimate worry-free driving experience with turn-by-turn indications and directions. The well-sized HD touchscreen display of this car satellite navigation system lets you easily navigate the menus, making your daily drive more interesting. With 800 x 480 pixel screen resolution, this GPS receiver brings out crystal clear images with excellent details. This car satellite navigation system is extremely easy to use, making it your ideal travel companion on long journeys. All-in-all, the abundance of features in the 7-inch HD touchscreen GPS make it perfect for those who are always on the move.1)Compact portable ALL IN ONE design
2)TFT-LCD touch screen
3)20 channel GPS module with high sensitivity
4)Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
5)Dual-Mode for Map viewing and interactive POIs
6)Dynamic route calculation and Voice guiding.
7)Support Bluetooth,FM,AVIN,E-book, picture browser, audio & video play
8)Support ISDB-T, FM transmission,2GB Memory version with same this GPS shell.
Packaging Details:
GPS Unit with Stylus, Mini USB cable ,Car charger,Cradle * 1pc,Bracket (Mount kit) * 1pc,User’s manual * 1pc, Gift box * 1pc

Product Features

  • CPU : Media Tek MT3351,468MHZ
  • Operating System Microsoft Windows® CE .Net 6.0 Core version
  • Per request Canada, Europe maps
  • Dual-Mode for Map viewing and interactive POIs
  • GPS accuracy: Position – Less than 10 meters (33 feet), 95%25 typical velocity – 0.1 meters per second steady state

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  1. Agustin says:

    Interface Non-Intuitive coupled with apparent hardware manufacturing issues. I wanted soooo… badly for this to be a wonderful review but the product is unbearably bad. I have 2 dedicated GPS devices by other manufacturers. Both are good but this unit offered a really large screen at a super price. In fact the screen is really nice. The devil is in the interface and the “instructions” which might have helped to overcome a non-intuitive interface but fail in an epic way. The device will navigate to an address it appears if you can first navigate to a menu…

  2. Rubi Harris-Bridges says:

    5 Stars Down…. 0

  3. Vidar says:

    Bad deal anyway you look at it. Unit trip function was set to 11-29-2008, which makes the unit at least 5 years old. That fits with the battery which doesn’t hold a charge. The unit appears to be battery operated because even when plugged into a car charger it give low battery messages. The map is out dated and no upgrades are available.. There is no warranty. The unit will stop working intermittently. The manual hard to decipher even with a magnifying glass, No adjustment for sound or video even when controls show up on a…

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