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Frequency range HF(3-30Mhz)

Operate voltage:12-14 Vcc

Input current/POWER:14-20 A

Input power:1-5 W

SSB input power:2-10 W

FM Output power:Max 150 W(Input 10W)

AM Output power:Max 150 W(Input 10W)

SSB output power:Max 300 W(Input 10W), Max 250W (Input 5W )

Working mode:FM- AM-CW-SSB

Blown fuse:2×12 A

Dimension:109x225x35 mm

Product Description:

To amplify the portable two way radio/ walkie talkie power.

Warm prompt:

1. To reach the Max output, the input power also should be the MAX.

2. The input power should be within the range, or it will be damaged.

3. The different modes work under different conditions, so please check instruction before using it.

Something New and impirtance about the Updated Version:

Q1.Why did we decide to design a “Fan” on the amplifier?

A1. During the programming of investigating regular customers of the amplifier, over two thirds of the customers leave the mssage that they need to put a additonal fan to cool the amplifier when it is working.They think sometimes, when a fan is not availabel, it will get much more business. Also, considering that the high degree of heat dissipation will affect the amp’s working efficiency, our engineers decided to put a fan on the amplifier. It does greatly ease the problem.

Q2. Why chose such a ” loud voice ” fan to put on the amp.

A2. Dear friend, if it is that at the first, we got two kinds of the fans to consider —- one is with lower noise and cost but just with lower rotate speed, while another one is with a louder noise and higher cost, but it works more perfectly and feectively with hiher rotate speed. So, we choose the later one, although the noise is louder but it does work well with the heat dissipation.

Product Features

  • The most effective working frequency is 20-30 MHz, and with the situations of working under 20 MHz, the v.s.w.r will be higher and also the heat dissipation will be higher.
  • About the working general output for AM & FM mode is around 100W and the most effective output is around 200 W with input 5 W and around 200-250 when the input is 10W.
  • The frequency of the connecting antenna is very significant. It is also should be connect with the amplifier corresponding frequency. If it is lower or higher than the required, it will not work and even will not only burn out the amplifier but also will damage the radio.
  • If you want to reach the PE MAX output, please check that the input should exactly 10W or 5W, the DC Power should actually be over 14V and 18A and also other conditions should be perfecT. Different mode have the different input requirement.
  • However, we do not suggest to work the PE Max for a long time,it will decrease the amp’ life time and also if the antenna can not endure the output watt, which will damage the amp, thank you very much!

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