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The Always in View video baby monitor is truly the most portable video baby monitor on the market that can be used at home, in the car, and on the go. The monitor’s camera is embedded in a specially designed plush that gives this monitor its unique portability because it can be placed anywhere at home, and also allows for easy placement in a car. With the new large 4.3″ split screen version a parent can view 2 rear facing infants in the back seat of the car. Whether twins or a toddler and an infant. or keeping one at home and one in the car, the Always In View 4.3″ Split Screen Video Baby Monitor* makes on the go even easier for parents. The monitor is 100% wireless, includes night vision, rechargeable batteries, and all accessories necessary to use anywhere. Perfect for all parents that want a monitor that does it all, and brings them peace of mind, security, and confidence.

Product Features

  • Integrated camera in plush stuff animal
  • Day/Night Vision camera
  • Bendi-neck technology for easy camera positioning
  • Super velcro fasteners for easy, secure attachment
  • Wireless 2.4GHz Technology

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  1. D. Williamson says:

    Performs its function but could be better We want to keep our toddler in a rear facing car seat as long as possible. This monitor allows us to see and interact with him as if he is forward facing so in that respect it performs its function. There are several things we do not like or had issues with:1. The monitor and camera have separate cords that can plug into the USB adapter available in most vehicles. The set comes with a plug that goes into the car slot and there are spots for two USB connections (one for each device)…

  2. Kimberly B. Altman says:

    Perfect for a Traveller! 0

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