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The AW5 features some of the latest technologies currently available for dashcams, while its minimalistic and compact design (2.5×2.3×1.2 inches) is intended to reduce the unwanted attention of prying eyes while you are away from your vehicle. The dash cam’s state-of-the-art Ambarella chipset, coupled with the latest software combines ease of use with seamless camera operation.


  • VIDEO:

2560×1080 @30FPS (21:9 Aspect Ratio), 2304×1296 @30FPS (16:9), 1920×1080 @ 45 & 30 FPS, 1920×720 @ 60 FPS

  • PHOTO: 16 Megapixels. 13MP, 9MP or 4MP settings also available
  • Supports 64GB MicroSD memory card (Class 10 32GB card included)
  • 150 Degree Wide Dynamic Range for a broad field of vision
  • Full 360° horizontal rotation angle so you can record anything happening at your vehicle’s sides and back at a moment’s notice
  • 7 Glass Lenses F1.8 aperture
  • Newest model Ambarella A7LA50 + OV4689 Sensor for seamless operation and quick camera response


    • Automatic start and stop upon engine ignition or shut off
    • Seamless video recording in 1, 3 or 5 minute segments, to allow for easier viewing and data transfer
    • Automatic loop recording
    • G-Sensor protection: if active, any detected impact to your vehicle will automatically overwrite-lock the video files on your SD card. 3 different collision sensitivity settings available
    • Parking monitor: if active, AW5 will turn on and start recording automatically if your vehicle is hit while parked even when your engine is off
    • HD Nightvision


    • AW5 camera with Suction Mount
    • USB Car charger (3.6 metres or 11.8 feet)
    • Camera USB Data Transfer cable
    • C10 32GB microSD card with PC/MAC Adapter
    • User Manual

    Try yours today and understand why thousands of drivers choose the INSIQ AW5 as their dash cam of choice!

    Product Features

    • GREAT IMAGE QUALITY: The AW5 features the dash cams industry’s highest photo and video quality settings, taking 16 Mega Pixel photos, and boasting various 2K resolution, full high-definition video options including 2560×1080 at 30 frames per second (21:9 aspect ratio) and 2304×1296 @30FPS (standard 16:9 aspect ratio but at a higher resolution) to capture sharp details at a distance, and 1920x1080p @45 FPS for smooth playback and improved ability to capture moving license plates.
    • SMALL BUT POWERFUL: the camera’s discreet and minimalistic design reduces the unwanted attention of prying eyes, while providing a quick way to playback footage and photos via a 2.0 Inch LCD screen. The screen features an optional energy saving off timer if the user wants to reduce distraction while driving. The AW5 functions rapidly due to the newest Ambarella A7LA50 + OV4689 processor, and has a 150° field of view with distortion correction via 7 wide angle Glass lenses and a F1.8 aperture.
    • MANY FEATURES: The camera starts and stops recording automatically upon engine ignition and shut off, loop records in 1, 3 or 5 minute segments, has G-Sensor parking monitor to detect any vehicle impact, a 360° horizontal rotation angle to let you record anything happening behind or at your vehicle’s sides in a moment’s notice, high dynamic range nightvision to record in a variety of light conditions, and a built-in rechargeable battery to prevent dashcam shutoff immediately after engine is off.
    • ALL YOU NEED IS INCLUDED: The AW5 comes pre-equipped with a Class 10 32GB MicroSD Card, which enables you to record up to 6 hours of 1080p video footage, with loop overwrite recording afterwards, and a memory card adapter to ensure that you can view your camera’s photos and videos on any computer whether a PC or a MAC. The camera can support up to 64GB memory. A detailed User Manual is included and all emails or phone inquiries are answered within a 24hour period.
    • STAY PROTECTED TODAY: This best-in-class for quality and reliability windshield camera will enable you to record interesting and compelling footage of events happening on the road and in the sky in front of you, with the footage also serving as ironclad proof in the event of an accident. Try the AW5 risk free for 60 days 100% no-hassle money back guarantee and know why thousands of drivers choose this dashcam as their preferred eye witness!

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    1. Tyler Hoffmann says:

      Fantastic! I can’t say enough good things about this dashcam…I’ve gone through half a dozen cameras trying to find a decent dash camera. I’ve tried the super-cheap generic camera for ~$15 and a couple GoPro-style action cameras with “car mode”. I finally had the opportunity to give this little camera a shot… and it’s never leaving my windshield.The quality of the video blew me away. I’ve used an entry-level GoPro in the past and I honestly think the video quality was…

    2. Charlene says:

      User Friendly HD Dash Cam – Just Plug & Play! Firstly, I have to say that I am not technical kind of person. I am not one to look at the specs and technical details of electronics/gadgets but rather how well a particular item function to a regular everyday user. My husband and I have always wanted a dash cam, every since we saw it on some show on TV. Since I am not really into technical stuff, I really didn’t know what to get. The last thing I would want is an overly complicated dash cam, that is not user friendly. I would want something…

    3. Dealosaurus Rex says:

      Best Dash Cam I’ve Used! This is the third dash cam that I’ve tried and it’s my favorite by far! My biggest complaint about other models is that they don’t get out of the way and let me forget about them like they should. The INSIQ Super High-Definition Car Dashboard Camera is tiny, but the build quality has a high-end feel. There is a leather-like texture around the edge that makes it nice to hold when you do have to take it somewhere besides its mount. The noises that the unit makes are subtle and pleasant as opposed…

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