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J-Tech Digital is focused on providing high-quality products that integrate and distribute home entertainment for the residential and commercial markets. J-Tech Digital has played a major role in transforming whole-house audio, video and home theater.


This innovative transmitter and receiver pair are capable of streaming full HD 1080p video with support for the latest movie content up to 200 ft. away within the home, through walls and ceilings for your desired setup. The extender is based on the latest HDBitT technology which greatly improved the signal stability and transmission range, unlike WHDI technology, for which loss of signal is a common issue.

The J-Tech Digital wireless extender provides full compatibility with HDMI signal up to 1080P FULL HD. The innovative 1×2 function allows you to wireless split HDMI signal to broadcast over 2 TVs. It does not require a line-of-sight placement, so you can keep your home theater devices neatly out of sight. Compared with the single antenna version, the dual antenna version has improved data transmission rate and video stability.


  • Wireless HD audio/video streaming from up to 200 feet away through standard home walls
  • Supports two receivers at the same time.
  • Wireless Full HD 1080P with HDMI loop output
  • Improved data rates and video stability.
  • Lockable DC power plug design
  • The wide frequency IR control
  • Supports video resolutions of 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x Receiver
  • 2 x Power adapters
  • 2 x IR Cables

Product Features

  • AMAZING VIDEO QUALITY UP TO 200 FT AWAY: J-Tech Digital HDBitT Dual Antenna 1×2 HDMI Wireless Extender is the most powerful wireless HDMI extender on Amazon. It lets you extend an HDMI audio/video signal wireless up to 200 ft (61m) using the latest technology.
  • TWO RECEIVERS AT SAME TIME: the transmitter can send video to two receivers, which is useful for broadcasting over 2 TVs. DUAL ANTENNA AND MORE STABLE TRANSMISSION: with the implementation of the dual antenna design, the data rate has been greatly improved and thus more stable and fluent video. Note: Only One set/pair can work in the same environment.
  • 20-60 kHz WIDE FREQUENCY IR CONTROL EXTENSION: Let’s think about a scenario. If you have a DVD player in your media room and a TV in your living room, while you are in the living room, you can still use your DVD remote to control the DVD player.
  • AUDIO FORMAT: supports PCM audio pass through. Does NOT support Dolby Digital; PREMIUM PICTURE QUALITY & STABLE SIGNAL TRANSMISSION: With HDBitT technology, you’ll be amazed at how HDBitT maintains your Ultra HD picture quality with super stability/reliability.
  • DELAY/LATENCY TIME is 0.1-0.3 seconds. Good for video playback. NOT for real-time shooting or PC gaming. FULL HD SUPPORT: 60/50HZ @1080P, 60/50HZ@1080I, 60/50HZ @720P, 60/50HZ@576P, 50HZ@576I, 60HZ@480P, 60HZ@480I FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT: This item includes free lifetime technical support from the manufacture and free 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from J-Tech Digital

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Perfect for use in Church environment and automatically connect together and then remember those connections too – awesome. I bought the receiver/transmitter kit first to try it at our church by broadcasting 70 feet line of site and they worked perfectly. Then, I bought two more receivers and transmitted to a projector over the altar and to a TV in the foyer behind a brick wall with sound proof sheathing and initially had pixilation, but after adjusting the position of the transmitter and the receiver antenna’s, all three (2 TV’s and a Projector) were streaming away in full 1080P resolution. The TV’s are 70 ft…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nope – Nope – Nope! Disappointed – Angry – Frustrated Not sure if I am more disappointed, frustrated or angry about this purchase. I’m disappointed that it doesn’t work. I literally was just trying to send the signal 11 feet straight across a room. No walls, no obstructions – just wanted to be able to re-arrange the room, and I can’t get the DirecTV box to the other side of the room. I’m frustrated, because it does send a beautiful picture across the room that is rock solid… for 2 minutes at a…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Compressed, low refresh, and out of sync; at best Let me make this clear.The image is compressed and then decompressed.Even if the signal coming out the back of the receiver is technically 1080p60, it’s not actually 1080p60 material when it comes out. Things that scroll buttery smooth on the 60hz source signal will shudder or strobe on the receiver, belying a lower refresh rate somewhere in the middle. It simply is not 60hz. No matter what they say. News network scrolls are a good way to see this at work…

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