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Make any outdoor event even more entertaining with the re-engineered KING dish Tailgater, fully automatic HD satellite TV antenna. Ideal for anyone with an active mobile lifestyle, The Tailgater allows you to take your dish service with you anywhere in the continental U.S. The KING DTP4900 offers 100% nationwide coverage using Western and Eastern satellites. (Compatible dish HD Solo receiver required. Upper Northeast coverage requires use of Wally receiver. Receivers sold separately. The dish Tailgater receives programming from dish satellites 110, 119 and 129 or 61.5, 110, and 119.) portable and roof-mountable, the dish Tailgater is ideal for RVs, sporting and outdoor enthusiasts, tailgaters, long haul truckers or anyone with an active mobile lifestyle.

Product Features

  • Portable satellite TV antenna for dish service provides 100% nationwide coverage using western and Eastern satellites (110/119/129 or 110/119/61.5)
  • Lightweight and compact (8 lbs), The dish Tailgater is portable or roof-mountable – Mounting feet included
  • Included coax cable provides simple setup with automatic satellite acquisition and switching
  • Supports multiple TV viewing with the built-in dual coaxial outputs (programming must be on the same satellite)
  • Weather-resistant materials withstand extreme heat/cold

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Being Able to See the Dish is Important for Diagnosing Problems Works great. I purchased the roof mounting kit and had the unit on the roof for most of my vacation. Being able to see the dish is a major advancement. At one stop, I had a clear southwestern sky, but when the dish locked onto the satellite, it was pointed straight through a power line transformer. It couldn’t get a signal until I moved the picnic table four feet to the west to get the power pole out of my line of site.I like the portability. Roof mounting is easy, but if a tree…

  2. Anonymous says:

    DirectTV (AT&T now) finally arrived. Did not work whatsoever! Very dissapointed DirectTV now AT&T was just here. He used a H25 receiver. The dish did rotate and was pointed with an unobstructed view of the 101 satellite. Running the tests it never showed it was receiving any signal. Every thing was checking out as far as the hook ups. But it would not get any signal. Being Sunday King customer service is closed. I waited weeks to finally get time to take off and for DirectTV to show up. So disappointed. $500 dollars and a extra quick mount kit $86.00 and my time installing…

  3. Anonymous says:

    This dish worked great and the set up was a breeze This dish worked great and the set up was a breeze. We have it paired with a Wally receiver and this morning it as sitting on top of our rv (not secured) when it went flying in the 80+ mph winds. So I know it works well and the setup was easy…but I find myself buying a second one because the first one broke on the first day we used it. North central Colorado had gusts exceeding 90mph and that is not really friendly to light weight electronics.It is a good product and I’ll buy…

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