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The KING OA8201 Jack Antenna is simply the best RV over-the-air HDTV Antenna available. It features a wider reception range and is less directional than traditional RV antennas to provide broader reception coverage. Provides superior reception of UHF signals where over 80% of new DTV channels are broadcast, and great reception of remaining VHF channels. The Jack Antenna is easy to install and works with varying roof thicknesses and easily replaces an existing antenna. Once installed, the Jack Antenna easily avoids dead spots–effortlessly rotate the antenna 360 degrees with two fingers. The built-in digital TV reception meter simplifies setup and eliminates frustration, simply point the antenna for maximum reception before scanning for channels. The fixed height requires no cranking up or down. No need to remember to stow the antenna before driving away. The compact, aerodynamic mount offers superior wind resistance, is 70% smaller, and requires less roof space than traditional RV antennas.

Product Features

  • Sleek over-the-air HDTV antenna with mount and built-in signal meter
  • Broader reception coverage with superior reception of UHF signals
  • Easy to install and effortless antenna rotation
  • Fixed height requires no cranking up or down
  • The compact, aerodynamic mount offers superior wind resistance and is up to 70% smaller than traditional RV antennas

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I had it installed it work good but the led lights will not work called Tech … I ordered this because it had the signal finder on it. I had it installed it work good but the led lights will not work called Tech support and was told to check the voltage that goes to the lights. did that no voltage called back, told me to take the Antenna back off and check the Voltage at the head, now I am not going to pay to have it taken back off and installed again , and I am 84 years old and I sure am not getting on top of the motor home the Antenna does work so guess I will live with…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dont waste your money, is no better then our stock antenna!!! Bought this unit in May and it didn’t improve our TV!! Had a issues with the board inside the control knob, talked to the seller and they replaced the part. Still no improvement! ! So I thought maybe our location was part of the problem, but now we’ve been from the east coast to the west coast and back again (two different routes) and still terrible results. So I went to a big box store and got a cheap antenna that sets on top of the TV and it gets three times as many channels from inside…

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