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Product Features

  • High Efficiency and Humanize Design : Our Solar Charger With 23% Efficiency and Adjustable Support To Get Best Charging Angle;
  • Highest Solar Power For USB Devices: 21W Solar Panel with 3 Pieces, with Highest Power to Charge For USB Devices, like Phone, Tablet or Power Bank ;
  • Unique Two USB Controller Design: The Voltage Is Stable To Charge For Your all Kinds of USB devices;
  • Durable and Comfortable :The Solar Charger with high quality material,PVC600D Waterproof Fabric and Some Parts of Leather Material;
  • Long Life Time and Professional Service Forever: We have 1.5 years of Warranty and your any question can be responded.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It was warm enough this weekend to get out for a bit for climbing. While part of getting outdoors is to put the phone aside, too many horror stories of people getting stuck or hurt has kept it on my during my adventures. For charging you phone alone, I think a solar charger like this is a must.Pros include a slick portfolio shaped solar charging panel set. It is easy to place in the sun and plug in any USB charged device you might have handy. I listened it charge my iPhone from…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t believe it of working properly until I actually tested it out myselfBuilt quality is really rigid. meaning it won’t fall apart with outdoor camping use.It works properly when you have light clear to fully sunny sky.But I must point out 1 thing here. this item has 3 panels, each panel has 12 cells.if you bock just half of 1 cell from not getting the sun light then the power converter doesn’t able to produce enough power to charge an iPhone X. iPhone x is also a…

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