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KUMEED 12V DC 20A 40A 50A 60A Car Audio Inline Circuit Breaker Fuse for System Protection

Suitable for car audio/video system overload protection.

Manual open circuit push button.

Self-Testing & Manual Override.

Easy to operate with manual reset arm.

No fuse change trouble.

Can be mounted on panel or firewall

12 Volt 20-60 Amp

Size is about 98mm (L) x 43mm (W) x 35mm (H)

Package include:
1x Car Audio Inline Circuit Breaker Fuse

Product Features

  • Car Audio Inline Circuit Breaker Fuse 12V DC 20A 40A 50A 60A For Choose
  • Function: prevent excessive current, protect the electrical appliance
  • Brand new ,made with high quality parts, apply in connecting audio power line
  • Easy to use and durable, Use in place of an inline fuse holder
  • Any quality issue, simple contact us to get money back

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  1. JustinMatley says:

    Did the trick with my remote, off-grid, solar power setup! I’m using the 30A model in my remote cabin, connected to my 12V solar power supply. Most of the cabin is wired for 110-120V, but a couple of items such as an in-wall bluetooth receiver (wired to in-ceiling surround speakers) and a CB radio need a 12V connection. These devices are connected to a fuse box and the box is connected to the batteries directly. I needed a way to quickly disconnect all 12V power going to the fuse box to prevent any accidental drainage on the batteries. When I leave the…

  2. RJ says:


  3. Scott J says:

    Awesome product

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