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With a basic weather station from La Crosse Technology, all of your necessary weather data will be there at a glance. which makes planning your day’s events a whole lot easier. Our Essential color weather Stations always remain a customer favorite here at La Crosse Technology. The station’s bright easy to read LCD display features dynamic forecast icons that allow users to view their weather data in color. Whether it be its sleek case design, or its precise temperature and humidity readings, this item is not only functional, but it is sure to be a conversation starter. When choosing to use the connectable feature, your station will start to receive weather data from the nws (national weather service) that provides detailed forecast information including the low and high temperatures of the day, chance of precipitation values as well as 8 additional forecast icons to keep you up to date on your weather to come. It also connects to the nist (national Institute of standards and technology) which automatically sets your time and date.

Product Features

  • Weather forecast and seasonal foliage tree icons
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity with trend arrows & alerts
  • Wi-Fi compatible – La Crosse View ready
  • Fully calendar with date & weekday
  • 5 level backlight brightness settings

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A nice piece of weather gear! Trust me, when I read the negative reviews of this product and the accompanying app, I had my share of buyer’s angst. I pushed through the doubt and purchased the station, mainly because my ancient, very basic Acurite weather station had finally given it up (display went wonky) and I needed something to replace it. When I received it, I was frankly expecting to spend fruitless hours downloading the app, fiddling with batteries and trying to get the station itself connected to the included…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Working great as a bedroom display for the LaCrosse Pro LTV-TH3 Sensor. I have the LaCrosse S84060 Pro Weather Station, also a wifi enabled LaCrosse view station which comes with the LTV-WR1 multi-sensor and LTV-TH3 Temp/Humi Sensor. I wanted a display for the bedroom that I could read from 8′ to 10′ away and this is perfectly sized for that. My key gripe with the pro station is there’s a lot of information on a relatively small display requiring me to be about 4 feet away to read the smaller fonts like the Month/Date. All the data fields on this C84343 are…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do NOT waste your time or money. I’m a top-level IT technician for a multi-million dollar corporation. I know my way around networks, routers, etc… And I wasted 2 hours of my precious evening trying to get this piece of junk to connect to my home WiFi. I have an AmpliFi mesh network. La Crosse says mesh networks work great, allowing devices that are on 5Ghz to help the weather station connect to the 2.4Ghz. FALSE. I changed all the settings possible on my router. Enabling/Disabling Band Steering and Router Steering. I even…

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