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With over 1,000 stations in more than 200 markets broadcasting digital television, nine out of ten households can now receive free HDTV signals with the right antenna, a set-top box and a high-definition television. This Lava Electronics HD-2605 Remote Control HDTV Antenna features 360-Degree rotation to make sure you get the best HDTV reception possible. Its high sensitivity reception helps you get the weakest HDTV signals in more rural areas. These antennas are capable of receiving weaker HDTV signals when no significant multipath (ghost) conditions exist, i.e. no reflective structures nearby.

Product Features

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please download and refer to the User manual, FCC Guide and Installation guide (below the ‘Technical Specification’ section) to know the working functionality and installation procedure
  • The Tech Support information is available in the ‘User Manual’
  • Includes dual TV output
  • Remote controlled UHF/VHF HDTV antenna rotates 360 degrees to receive the best reception
  • High sensitivity reception

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  1. John A. Ernissee Jr. says:

    Lava HD-2605 Review I’ve rated this OTA Antenna at 4 stars and this is why. After installing 12 of these antennas in our local area (St. Augustine, Fl) I found they do receive stations very well from Jacksonville, FL where the TV Station Towers are from 30 to 45 miles distance. I personnaly have been using this antenna for about a year and I’m pleased with the results. In fact I consistently receive the ION channel coming from Brunswick, GA – about 90 miles distance.Listed here are the major problems I’ve…

  2. JD712 says:

    Exceptional Antenna We live 80 to 100 miles from any transmission towers which are in several different directions. After trying several so called omnidirectional antennas we purchased this antenna after reading reviews. The antenna is outstanding. It pulls in strong signals from all the closest towers and we even get some channels from areas beyond 100 miles.Keep in mind digital signals are effected by severe weather much like the small satellite dishes so during bad weather we loose the furthermost…

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