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Relative speed sensing auto mute system that virtually eliminates false alerts.
Voice alert, support LX/K/KA/KU/New K/Laser Band/VG-2
A laser eye detector for a 360 degree laser detection
Digital Signal Strength Meter – Provides the user with relative proximity to the target
Detect any stable or mobile Radia Speed Monitor

Police X-BAND:10.525GHz+/-100MHz 1500-2500M
Police K-BAND:24.150GHz+/-175MHz 1200-2500M
Tripod K-BAND:24.125GHz+/-175MHz 250-1200M
Tripod KU-BAND:13.450GHz+/-125MHz 450-1500M
Police KA-BAND:34.700GHz+/-1300MHz 800-1500M
Tripod KA-BAND:33.400GHz+/-1300MHz 200-600M
Margin of error:+/-10M
Laser Beam:904mn+/-33KMHz
Wireless duplex transmission frequency:2.4GHz+/-410MHz
When the detectable distance is not satisfied ,please adjust the location and angle of the radar device, to make a more stable and further distance receiving, use wave amplifier if necessary.
Measured distance will be slightly different according to traffic status, landscape, climate.

Package list:
1 x Radar detector
1 x Car charger
1 x User manual

Product Features

  • This Radar detector features a laser eye detector for a 360 degree laser detection and is easy to install.
  • It can detect any stable or mobile radar Speed Monitor 250-2500m ahead.
  • When you detect a position, the GPS will tell you by make a sound to show you are approaching speed detection device, so you can confirms the your speed on the stretch of road.
  • Extreme Range Super heterodyne technology, with super-fast sweep circuitry, provides extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to even the fastest radar guns.
  • Relative speed sensing auto shutdown feature will render your detector undetectable by currently available radar detector-detectors

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