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Magellan Maestro 4040 delivers elegant design and ease of use, Bluetooth hands-free cell functionality plus voiced routing instructionsAmazon.com Product Description With built-in AAA TourBook® travel information and member roadside assistance details, the Magellan Maestro 4040 Portable Auto GPS System is the ultimate travel companion. Re-engineered for easy use, it combines advanced features, elegance, and simplicity to make driving more pleasurable and less stressful. A few simple touches are all the Maestro 4040 needs to audibly guide you with turn-by-turn street name directions to virtually any destination in the United States and Canada. You can even customize your navigation method or route to get there quicker and stress-free.

With fresh graphics and an intelligent touch screen, the Magellan Maestro 4040 is the ultimate travel companion.
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Easy to use navigation features SmartDetour and auto re-route. View larger.

Access built-in AAA information from your GPS touch screen. View larger.

With built-in AAA travel information, the Maestro 4040 gives you instant access to the most trusted source for trip planning; searchable AAA TourBook® listings, Show Your Card & Save® locations for member discounts, approved auto repair facilities, attractions, events, and more. The Maestro 4040 also provides AAA members roadside assistance details, with exact location and a toll-free help number. The Maestro 4040 is also Bluetooth-enabled, so you can connect your Bluetooth cell phone directly to AAA for immediate help when you need it most.

Note: AAA member roadside assistance requires AAA membership.

Easy-to-Use Navigation
Enter virtually any address on the freshly designed graphical touch screen, or select from 4.5 million preprogrammed points of interest and get turn-by-turn voice guidance to anywhere in the entire United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, right out of the box. Just turn it on and go. SiRFstarIII™ gives you the fastest GPS position accuracy in the industry, while SayWhere™ text-to-speech tells you the street name for each maneuver so you can focus on driving. Smart buttons and Magellan’s unique QuickSpell™ function enable error-free spelling to minimize steps and give you a customized route to your destination with just a few screen touches.

Bluetooth, Traffic Updates, and More
The Maestro 4040’s Bluetooth wireless technology lets you make hands-free phone calls with your Bluetooth-enabled phone. You can also store or sync numbers and contact information through the easy-to-use touch screen and make calls via the Maestro 4040’s integrated microphone and speakers. Add the optional Magellan TrafficKit™ to this device and you’ll be equipped with live traffic incident reports, so you’ll never get stuck on the freeway.

Additional Product Features

  • Sophisticated and simple: Streamlined touch-screen buttons minimize steps to locate a destination
  • Sleek design: Integrated GPS antenna provides excellent satellite reception in a slim and compact design
  • Graphical interactive maps: Maps and destinations for the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada are built-in, so you can travel far and wide and always know where you are and where you’re going
  • Traffic-enabled: Add the Magellan TrafficKit™ to your Maestro 4040 to get live traffic incident reports; activation and subscription fees apply
  • Voice command upgradeable: Add Voice Command control for hands-free operation with an upgrade from Magellan; activation fee applies
  • Bird’s-eye 3D view: Clearly see your surroundings in 2D or 3D; also choose between Map View, TrueView™ 3D split screen, and Maneuver List
  • Rechargeable battery: Navigate even when you don’t have access to power
  • Multi-destination routing: Select up to 20 destinations and choose the order that best fits your needs
  • SmartDetour™: Automatically prompts you to route around suddenly slow freeway traffic
  • Auto re-route: Never miss a turn and quickly get back on track whenever you make a detour
  • Auto night view: Adjusts color and contrast for easy night viewing
  • QuickSpell™: Easily enter addresses with unique auto-complete feature that even corrects spelling
  • Complete mobility: Transfer to any vehicle with no installation
  • 4.5 million points of interest (POIs): Optimized database to easily find gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, and more. And with smart location you can search by name, category, and region. There’s even a Coffee category so you can quickly find caffeine whenever you need it.
  • Interactive POI icons: Touch an onscreen icon for a nearby destination, see name and address, and get an instant route
  • Customizable route method: Fastest time, shortest distance, least or most use of freeways, avoid toll roads
  • Route exclusion: Select streets and freeways to avoid so you can get there your way
  • Address book: Create and store personal points of interest for easy reoccurring trips
  • Instant locate: One touch shows your location; quickly advise roadside assistance or emergency services

What’s in the Box
Magellan Maestro 4040 Portable Auto GPS System, windshield mount and cradle, adhesive dash mount disk, cigarette lighter power adapter (12-24 watts), AC wall power supply/charger, quick reference guide, reference manual CD, and USB cable.

Product Features

  • Built-in AAA travel information, including member roadside assistance details and more
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling for added safety (Compatible Bluetooth phone required, sold separately)
  • SayWhere turn-by-turn voice guidance allows you to hear the name of the next turn
  • 4.3-inch WQVGA full-color, anti-glare touch screen
  • Measures 5.0 x 3.75 x 0.88 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 8.5 ounces

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  1. Comdet says:

    Is this the best GPS? I’ve been using GPS systems for several years, and I’m always asked “what’s the best GPS?” Unfortunately, that’s not an easy question to answer. Just like there’s no “best” car for everyone, there’s no such thing as the “best” GPS.That being said, this is a very fine GPS system, and one well worth checking out. I’ve owned two other Magellan systems in the past (a Roadmate 500 and a 750M), and the improvements in this system are wonderful. Excellent screen, clear even in full sun,…

  2. Mike K says:

    Fantastic Please note that this review covers the 4050. However, this unit is the same as the 4040 with two exceptions. On the 4040 both the voice command and traffic kit are optional, additional purchases.Do you really need a GPS device?? If you are reading this review the answer is probably yes.We have used them for a number of years and I’m now at the point where I wonder how we ever got along without one. No more trips to the computer for confusing Mapquest directions or…

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