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The RoadMate 5330T-LM gives you GPS navigation with traffic incident information adjustment. This navigator comes with Lifetime Map Updates and adds advanced features such as 3D Landmarks, Portrait Mode, and Traffic Camera Alerts.

Product Features

  • Lifetime Maps keeps you map current with updates up to four times a year.
  • Lifetime Traffic warns you if reported traffic incidents interfere with your route. Detours are offered for consideration.
  • 3D Landmarks depict select landmarks in 3D to help you place your position with the real world.
  • Traffic Camera Alerts by PhantomALERT give you visual and audio warning of reported red light and speed cameras on your route. Your data base gets free updates for an entire year.
  • A user selected Portrait Mode allows your navigator to show more of the road ahead. It is also a better fit to the left of the steering wheel!

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  1. J. Niss says:

    Absolutely loved this device Absolutely loved this device. All features worked fantastically, as described. Unfortunately I drive a very noisy van while transporting people in wheelchairs and the volume on the newer Magellans is not as loud as I require. Magellan actually improved the clarity and enunciation of it’s voices since my daughter’s older model 2036 was manufactured in 2010, but the models are slimmer now with apparently smaller speakers and could not compete with my less than quiet environment. If I was using…

  2. Stephanie says:

    Works Great! Does Exactly What I Need It To Do!!! 0

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