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Experience premium, super quality 3600w portable inverter generator by Mass Productions.
America’s #1 portable generator designed for outdoor events and easy to maneuver, our generator are the highest-quality most premium super quiet portable generators available the market today.

Dual fuel powered, rv ready outlet with trolley and digital display for the ultimate generator power
Our generator can be used for hurricanes, power outage, blizzards, RV, tailgating, concerts, camping trips anything outdoors for peoples needs.
Enjoy an amazing experience using propane or gas with complete peace of mind knowing that our premium grade generator is carefully designed to prevent and reinforce any issues that are so common with many other generators.

Designed by outdoors-man for outdoors people. Americas’s #1 premium portable generator
Just like you, we are passionate about the portable generator experience.
After using so many unsafe and breakable rusted generators we decided to create our own premium generator that provides clean power and a safe quiet operation. Virtually all of our customers are amazed at how easy it is to start the generator and move around with the trolley included.

Easy-to-Follow Instructions For Mass Productions Portable Generator

Step 1: Add oil(0.4L), please remove the oil access door, unscrew the dipstick to check the oil

Step 2: Add gasoline to the fuel tank and open the fuel switch

Step 3: Turn on the start switch located in the front of the generator

Step 4: Gently pull the lever to start to feel resistance, then quickly pulled the handle to start, start the generator.

Product Features

  • ✔ DUAL FUEL PORTABLE GENERATOR FOR CAMPING, HURRICANE, POWER OUTAGE AND SO ON – Operate Mass Productions premium portable generator at 3600w with either gas or propane right out of the box. This high quality generator is a dream for works-man people, tailgaters and most of all for disasters.
  • ✔ 100% CLEAN POWER ECO MODE SYSTEM, EASY TO MOVE AROUND AND CARRY, TROLLEY INCLUDED – Power this superior generator with the new eco mode and oil alert system, customers love saving money and leaving their Mass Productions generator on all night and day with this awesome feature. At 3100 starting watt 3600 max watt generator near to 65 pounds you have the option to either carry or pull around Mass productions portable generator with a trolley that’s included also.
  • ✔ RV READY PREMIUM QUIET OPERATION IN A SMALLER LIGHTER PACKAGE – With Mass Productions premium portable generator we feature a RV ready outlet to make it a simple process to power you’re caravan with ease. Neighbors will thank you for the super quiet operation this beauty runs. Mass Productions exquisite portable generator runs around 59 dba that’s incredible for a 3600 max watt generator.
  • ✔ EXPERIENCE AMERICA’S #1 LIGHTWEIGHT EASY TO USE PORTABLE GENERATOR, DESIGNED BY OUTDOORS-MAN FOR OUTDOORS PEOPLE – Leave your rusted, old crippling generator with this premium, exceptional newly deigned masterpiece of a generator that never breaks, never cripples and is incredibly easy to clean. We at Mass Productions only use the highest grade quality that can handle any type of greasy mess within the portable generator.
  • ✔ 100% PERCENT MONEY BACK GUARANTEED – if for whatever reason you are unhappy, receive 100% of your money back.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I sent it back Very nice product overall. The main problem is the oil drain/fill port. It is quite deep in the lower case area and a tube runs very close. I used needle nose pliers to remove it and, before adding oil practiced returning the plug. No success. In the end, I stuffed new mechanics rag inside the oil fill to stop hold any oil back. There was some residual oil from test at the factory.The other issue is the plastic throttle lever which seems somewhat flimsy. Time will tell.The towing…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great Product, Fast Shipping I’m not the one to leave a review on an amazon order but for this one I feel like I had to. First I have to say this is a very underrated generator, at first glance dual fuel digital display 3600w rv ready outlet are all great features on a portable generator not a lot of generators have this I like that I can use propane because when I travel it’s easier to travel with and for hurricanes since I live in Florida propane is easier to get than gas. My conclusion is a 5 star rating I really…

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