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Ludwig Guttler, (b. 1943) is a world-renowned German trumpet virtuoso, specializing in the Baroque trumpet, piccolo trumpet, and corno da caccia. In addition to his extensive performing career, he has also established himself as a conductor, founding multiple ensembles such as the Virtuosi Saxoniae chamber ensemble. This new release is a limited edition box set, and includes an impressive 20 discs as well as an autograph and personal message from Guttler, and an interview included in the CD booklet. The repertoire chosen for this set aims to show the broadest overview of Guttlers extensive career, and includes pieces ranging from the Renaissance to the 20th century. Guttler says of this project, The size of this series of 20 CDs fills me with pride. That said, the edition comprises just a selection of the recordings we have made in the studio and at concerts over the years.

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    This box collects many of the recordings Dresden trumpeter/conductor Ludwig Guttler made for Berlin Classics circa 1979-2004. A virtuoso on his instrument, he has also advocated the study and performance of the corno da caccia or hunting horn. The enclosed booklet includes a short interview with Guttler in German and English translation. It also notes the soloists more completely than I will here. Unfortunately, nothing whatever is said of the individual compositions. Recordings dates are…

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