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5 ways in Which 2wayz splitter will change your life!

1. Yes! Definitely does the job
• Convert one tap into two and easily control your water flow
• Great solution for both indoors appliances and outdoors garden use
• Will not break after a minute of use

2. Many names to your success…
• Faucet Y splitter, faucet shut-off valve, Y connector, Y splitter with shut-off valve,
• Vital part of your backyard sink, gardening accessories or garage.

3. Many useful ideas from our Happy customers
• Divert water for your bar faucet, garage utility sink, fountain drip, water features, dog water lick and more.
• Take it on your way – for your favorite campsite, fishing sites, and as a part of RV tools.
• Backyard and Gardening: Connect your digital water timer, drip irrigation, expandable hose, hose end tap timer, hose reel, sprinkler system timer, and spray nozzle.
• Fix your home: split water in laundry room, basement, and bathroom sink. Attach hoses for washing machine, dishwasher, water cooler and bar.

4. What you see is way less than what you’ll get!
• Brand New Design, not sold in Amazon before
• TPR cover will protect hands in extreme weather

5. Be a friend in our happy family, and enjoy…
• lead free wye 3-way irrigation kit supply
• shower faucets heavy-duty shutoff valves, solid heavy duty drinking bibs manifold adapters, quality coupling fitting washers

So what are you waiting for?
Add to cart now, and start a new chapter of freedom and beauty in your garden and home maintenance!

Product Features

  • Totally NEW and improved patent pending design. G&S fixed the minor flaws of the older plastic version, and we mow present the new heavy duty high quality item, with the same highly regarded & attractive design!
  • Our heavy duty splitter is now bundled with 10 rubber gaskets. Don’t go anywhere, we’ve got you covered!
  • EASY Peasy! The cap design with extra tabs and our 4 cm (!) handles, make for an improved grip. It’s now fun to open/close, install and operate!
  • LEAKS? Not anymore. Long and smooth thread with rubber ring at female end will make leaks a long forgotten experience. Touchy? No problem. Full rubber cover makes working with the splitter easy in all kinds of weather.
  • WE STAND BY OUR PRODUCTS 100%. If you aren’t happy, we’re not happy and we will do whatever it takes to make it right. Let us prove it to you today!

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  1. Florida Pat says:

    Using 3 of these hose splitters with timers for watering plants I needed to use one faucet to time-water two separate areas at the front of my house. I already had a timer (Orbit 62061N-91213 Single-Dial Water Timer) attached to the faucet with a 50-foot hose and a small sprinkler (Nelson Cast Iron Circular Spray Pattern Stationary Sprinkler Head 50950) which was doing a good job in a small area but the plants at the front of the house needed more. I purchased the Andrews 50-Foot 2 Tube Sprinkler Hose 10-12348 and then looked for a hose splitter…

  2. snoopspecial says:

    Stick to the brass! The handles are very good and easy move, but there is a big design flaw. The connection to the source is plastic and weak and broke on me after 2 months of use. Don’t plan to put a high quality heavy hose with a timer on one side and expect this to last.What a shame this is! Also this does reduce water pressure significantly too as the opening in which the water flows is half the diameter of the hose connection.Have to know figure out how to get a replacement. Also when…

  3. David Hillel says:

    maybe the most reliable Y connector i got – no leaks, nice design, easy to handle Got this Y connector last week, and used it to connect two watering lines to one pipe. Installation was easy. The connector came with rubber rings that prooved 100% reliable in preventing leaks. The handles are the longest i’ve seen in this kind of connectors, and it makes opening and closing easier.Design is beautiful, and it’s just like described and shown here, (I was worried about this point after reading reviews on similar products by other sellers). Actually i think it can be used…

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