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Professional style headset with boom microphoneFeatures rugged headset with an adjustable band Switchable PTT/VOX functionsBoom microphone flips up out of the way when not in useFor PTT Models 73-005A 73-030 75-400 75-501 75-785 75-786 75-810 75-820 75-822. VOX or PTT operation with 75-503 75-509 F-10 F-12 F-20 75-510XL/XLB 75-515 75-517 75-440; 75-505 and 75-507 w/22-001 adapterThe Midland 22-540 headset speaker with boom microphone will make conversing on your Midland Handheld CB radio easier and more convenient. Plug the headset into your Portable CB radio and you are all set for hands-free operation. It comes with an adjustable headband and a cushioned earpiece for added comfort and fit. Use the Midland 22-540 headset speaker with boom microphone with the Midland 75-785 or 75-822 CB Radio.

Product Features

  • Hands-free operation
  • Adjustable headband with cushioned earpiece
  • Push-to-talk switch or VOX (voice activation) operation
  • Clear and reliable communication
  • Use with Midland 75-785 and 75-822 Portable CB Radios

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  1. J. B. Schleifer says:

    A Piece of Junk This product is a piece of junk, so poorly constructed that the headband and operational parts have no solid connection. As soon as you put it on, it comes apart, a constant frustration. Perhaps the designers knew itcouldn’t be worn long, so uncomfortable is it. It pinches the head, loses its adjustment, and the clamp at the end is hard and sharp edged, despite a piece of symbolic foam that’s so hard it has no cushioning effect.The earphone (there’s only one) is of low quality, and…

  2. The Travelin' H-Family says:

    Worked Fine – No Issues This worked fine for my purpose. I thought the push-to-talk button would get on my nerves, but it turns out that it really didn’t bother me. I should caveat that I used it for one cross-country motorcycle trip, then never again.I actually ended up taking it apart and just putting the ear piece inside my motorcycle helmet while routing the boom mike around the front of my helmet. It worked perfectly – Exactly what I needed and a WHOLE LOT LESS cash than a specialty mic.So…

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