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The Midland LXT500VP3 is a pair of 22 Channel GMRS Radios with up to 24 Mile Range. Includes Rechargeable Batteries and Dual Desktop Charger. The LXT500VP3 features Call Alert for incoming call notification and scan to check channels for activity. The radios feature Hi/Lo Power settings with a Battery Save Circuit for extended battery life, Roger Beep, and Keypad Lock. Unlike other GMRS radios on the market that use lithium batteries, Midland’s Dual Power Option allows the use of the included rechargeable batteries or 4 “AAA” batteries

Product Features

  • 22 Channel GMRS with Up to 24 Mile Range
  • Call Alert for incoming call notification
  • Channel Scan
  • Hi/Low Power Setting
  • Dual Power Option

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  1. Mike H says:

    Midland LXT500VP3 Review These are good two way radios in a couple of aspects. 1st, they hold a charge very well. I bought them for work and we use them constantly throughout 10 hour days and they have never gone dead. Not once. 2nd, they are crystal clear in reception, with a caveat… 24 miles is NOT possible for these radios unless you and the other person are on top of two mountains. Otherwise for short distance transmission they are great. 3rd, they have a lot of cool little features that you can either use or…

  2. lori says:

    Love it We bought these for our daughter for out at our summer vacation campsite, she loves them cause she and her friends can go run and play and we can check on there where abouts or they check in with us. we also use them at home when she goes to a friends house. the signal strength/range is very good she can go blocks away. she got lost looking for a friends house and called me asap i was able to talk to her while i went to find her, made it nice cause she told me the street sign where she was at…

  3. TG says:

    Only 22 Channels No Privacy Codes

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