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This 6V/800mA power adapter runs the blower fan on the Mr. Heater Big Buddy.

Product Features

  • Plug into any standard 100V outlet
  • Alternate power source in lieu of D-size batteries
  • Simple and easy to use
  • 6v/800mA power adapter
  • For use with Mr. Heater’s Big Buddy
  • Powers the Big Buddy’s built in blower
  • Alternate power soursc in liey of D-size batteries
  • Plug into any standard 110V outlet

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  1. pitot says:

    makes a good product great! To those with any knowledge of the ways heat is conducted, this makes the already very efficient big buddy even more efficient!After 3 years of use during cold Iowa winters, it has payed for itself several times over. The fan on the big buddy apparently is long-term and designed for reliability. Something we don’t see much nowadays. This makes the A.C. adapter worth every penny.I’ve seen a couple of negative reviews about the fan not blowing hard enough etc…It’s not a blower! It…

  2. Frisco Kid says:

    12 volt alternative 0

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