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Introducing the worlds largest production subwoofer… again. The TS9924-22, MTX Audio Square JackHammer takes the series to the next level with unrivaled performance and output. Incorporating technologies from its little brother, the T9922-22, the TS9924-22 JackHammer utilizes a patented surround design that allows for excessive volume displacement and resulting SPL The JackHammer Super Woofer represents extreme in every way and this enormous subwoofer lives for high SPL and window shattering bass.

Product Features

  • 4,000 RMS, 8,000 peak music power
  • 23″ tall
  • 400 lbs.
  • 900 ounce strontium ferrite magnet with extended magnetic field gap technology
  • 6.5″ voice coil with 17 AWG high temperature aluminum wire in a flat wound, long-excursion design incorporating 2.5″ of Xmax

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  1. Corey V. says:

    Perfect! 0

  2. S. Momma 3 says:

    pretty loud. 0

  3. steve t says:

    have no competition! You want to talk to about loud! This thing freaking slams! Blew my windshield seal out had to replace my window with a custom plexi glass one with high tampered silicone. Have 2 hooked up to a kicker warhorse! These things are so loud u have to amps just for my interior speakers otherwise i would hear noting. Have 8 6 by 9s 8 6.5s and 6 super tweeters 4 channels are rated at 4000 watts. I have 2 alternators along with 6 xtra batteries 4 runs on 100 percent copper 0 gauge welding wire!. I cant…

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