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NOCO is a leading manufacturer of battery technology solutions for many businesses and government agencies around the world.. For over 96 years, the NOCO brand name has been synonymous for quality, reliability and dependability. Our relentless pursuit for quality excellence is what separates NOCO from competitive brands.

Product Features

  • Ultra low-profile 5W solar charger that’s perfect for maintaing cars, motorycles, boats, ATVs and more
  • Thin film technology that works well in low-light, cloudy and overcast conditions
  • Built-in power level LED illuminates when solar panel is generating power
  • Safely charges and maintains Wet, Gel, MF, EFB and AGM batteries
  • Add more control with Flex Regulators for charging 6V and 12V batteries, plus battery recovery mode

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  1. butterbean says:

    Getting weaker with time.

  2. Byron says:

    Keeps car battery charged

  3. S. Ye says:

    Drains instead of charging! Bought this charger over cheaper ones because I figured it would be safer since I read reviews of the cheaper ones draining batteries because of a defective anti drain setup. Well…jokes on me because despite spending more money this did the exact same thing. Over 2 weeks it completely drained my battery and now I need to go buy a new battery. I’ve left the car for that long before with nothing plugged in to charge it and it’s never dropped dead like that. The car was parked in sunlight…

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