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Imagine a home theater setup where you can stream your favorite movies & TV wirelessly with the Nyrius WS55 HDMI Wireless Transmitter & 2 Receiver kit in 1080p HD video. Nyrius has made this possible with its plug ‘n play solution that offers an exceptionally convenient experience where messy cables & wires are no longer needed – it’s like an invisible HDMI cable. Wirelessly transmit the HDMI signal from your A/V receiver, cable/satellite, Blu-ray, or PC up to 40ft away to your HDTV or projector. Eliminate cable costs by streaming Netflix or YouTube videos.

High Resolution Digital Signal with No Reduction in Picture Quality
This innovative solution allows for high speed, low latency wireless video transmission of true 1080p HD video from any HDMI source. Transmit crystal clear video through walls, floors, & ceilings without interference from other wireless devices such as WiFi or Bluetooth (streaming line of sight results in maximum range).

Watching TV Doesn’t Have to be Limited to Just a Single HDTV
With loop-through HDMI and additional receiver, you can set up three separate viewing environments, so you can view through one wired connection in one room and watch the same HD content wirelessly on two other TVs.

Stream to Multiple TV’s Wirelessly
You can easily add additional receivers (sold separately) to the system & transmit wireless video to even more TVs.

Control Devices in Another Room
With the included IR extender you can conveniently control your device from any area of the home. Change channels, pause your movie, adjust volume – any function will work. Simply point your remote control at the receiver & press your remote’s button.

Easy Plug ‘n Play Setup
Plug the transmitter into your device’s HDMI port and the receiver into your HDTV & you’re immediately connected. Power the transmitter & receiver by the included AC adapter. No software or WiFi connection required.

Product Features

  • TRUE 1080P WIRELESS HDMI VIDEO – Stream a high definition 3D signal and 5.1 channel digital audio to your TV or projector up to 40 feet. Broadcast movies, TV shows & music from your A/V Receiver, Cable/Satellite, Blu-ray, PC, Mac
  • HIGH DEFINITION DIGITAL SIGNAL – Wirelessly transmits crystal clear, low latency HD video & audio through walls, ceilings, and floors (streaming line of sight results in maximum range)
  • THREE SEPARATE VIEWING ENVIRONMENTS – Use the loop-through HDMI output feature for one wired & two wireless video setup, allowing for a single source to be viewed on three displays at the same time
  • CONTROL YOUR DEVICES WITH REMOTE FROM ANY ROOM – With the IR remote extender you can change channels, pause movies, adjust volume – any function will work
  • PLUG ‘N PLAY – Easy to install setup eliminates the need to install expensive, inconvenient cables. No software or WiFi connection required.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Read before you buy. Product came package very well. Delivered on time. Super easy to set up. However the performance is less then good. I’d say ok at best. The picture is not great. Many things can contribute to a poor picture. Cables,tv, cable/satellite company. I have 4 TVs in the room. I use top quality hdmi cables. The tv is a brand new 4K Samsung. The other TVs that are “hardwired” picture is perfect. I decided to go with this product to prevent running the wiring to the tv behind the bar. I will…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not real happy with the product For reference, my two units are about 5 feet apart and separated by an interior wall. Out of the box setup was easy and everything seemed to work okay. But when watching the receiver TV, I would lose the audio when ever I interrupted the signal by changing channels, pausing the program, or switching to a DVR program. The only way I could restore the audio was by turning the unit off and then back on. This would take about 2 minutes and be very annoying. Additionaly, after watching a single…

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