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This is 20mm hole saw drilling side view camera, mirrored image without grid lines. Universal screw mount for all car models. Pair combo price, super saving!

Easy Installation:
1. Mount the camera to your car’s side view mirror, back window, or any other suitable place
2. Adjust the lens of the camera to its best position.
3. Connect power wire (red and black) to your vehicle DC 12V power system.
4. Connect the video output (yellow wire) of the camera to the display in your vehicle.

– Image device: Hi-definition Color CCD
– TV system: NTSC
– Effective pixels: 628 x 586 pixels/510 x 496 Pixels
– Resolution: 420 TV lines
– Lens Angle: 170 degree
– Power supply: DC 12V
– Image: Mirrorred without grid lines

Package Included:
2 x Car Side View Cameras
1 x 20mm Hole Saw
2 x DC power cable
2 x RCA Video cable (19 ft)

Product Features

  • 2PCS Car Side View Cameras for your two side view mirrors. Combo Price, super Saving!
  • With 20mm hole saw, hole drilling installation to hide to be almost invisible. Fit all car models. Connect the camera power cables to your side lights 12V as automatic trigger.
  • Perfectly resolve the issue of blind spots of car side view and help reduce incidents and accidents abrasion.
  • Rainproof IP67, Night Vision Assistance.
  • NTSC High Definition Color CCD, 420TV Lines, Effective pixels: 628 x 586 pixels/510 x 496 Pixels, Lens Angle: 170 degree, Power supply: DC 12V

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