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About products:
PIH Unique High Pressure RV Handheld Shower unit
3 functions :
Powerful Shooting
Pulse Massage
Package Included:
One PIH RV Handheld Shower
One Shower bracket
One 59” Feixble Hose
One Manual instruction
Excellent performance to Improve Showering Experience ;
Upgraded 2XP Turbo charging by water conservation working principle;
Instantly increase pressure;
Please catch a real Spray shot with passion and fresh;
Light Yellow Color
About company:PIH’s designers focus on the smart home products development and manufacturing, we are committed to optimize the life of people from daily anxiety and pressure. We invite and appreciate you can join together with us by PIH products. Thank you!

Product Features

  • High pressure handheld shower heads for RV Motorhomes
  • Upgraded 2XP Turbo charging by water conservation working principle
  • Powerful spray shooting with PAUSH setting
  • High strength water pause impact to fresh RV Showering experience
  • Multi-functions for alternative option, Flexible hose, adjustable bracket, include in package

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome RV Handheld Shower Head My wife an I love this shower head in our RV. It has three settings, off, direct, and full is what I call them. No more trying to find the water to rinse off. This head has a full wide spray that feels awesome; no more moving around to try and rinse off the soap. It has a setting to direct high pressure water right where you need it. It also switches off when dry camping and the need to conserve. The mount holds the head right where you want it. My last head moved to where it wanted and while…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic! Saved our camper shower experience. Fantastic shower head for the camper! We bought a new fifth wheel over the 2018 summer and the shower was just not working well for us at all. Our previous trailer could get about 6 to 8 minutes out of the hot water tank which was good enough for us to be happy with it but the new trailer hot water would last about 4 minutes at best. I was pretty disappointed since I just assumed the new fancy trailer would have even better use of hot water than our old trailer. I decided something had to be…

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