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Power Acoustic

Product Features

  • 3way
  • mounted
  • 200w
  • 20W, 10W Rms
  • Imp: 4, Spl: 97 Db
  • Freq Resp: 5 Hz¿2 Khz

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  1. Enrique says:

    Pretty decent, better ones out there but these work just fine These are some good little tweeters for those that just want to add some higher frequencies to their system without breaking the bank. I bought 2 pairs of these and after having them for almost a year, I have to say they’re pretty good for the price. I know there’s way better ones out there, but these were a good little deal. I installed two of them on my “home theater/bedroom system”. After turning on some music, I right away noticed there were higher pitched frequencies being played…

  2. Louis says:

    System sounds better

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